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Monday, 14 December 2015

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Birthday celebrations were in full swing at ours - it is Baby MiH's third birthday (today) and it was party (and baking) time (this weekend)! I still managed to get a bit of cross-stitching done, and finished my new vintage inspired pincushion - and write a tutorial for you (if you are looking for quick Christmas presents for your sewing friends)! 

The pincushion was inspired by Libby's one I have seen featured a couple of times on her facebook feed. It looks like hers was made of actual vintage embroidered cloth, which I did not have handy. So I made it 'vintage' by cross-stitching on the fabric and placing it on the side rather than neatly in the middle. I used the lovely ethical fabric and buttons I got in my Offset Warehouse Mystery Sewing Box - I love the fabric I got. 

To make your own pincushion, you will need:

  • Some fabric (I used some 'new fabric' but feel free to use some scraps you might have)
  • If you fancy adding some embroidery, choose some matching embroidery thread - but it is optional
  • Some waste canvas for the embroidery
  • Polyester soft toy filling
  • Some matching thread to close the pincushion.  
  • Make a circle template for your pincushion - I used a vase to make mine. 

1. Place the waste canvas on your fabric. I put it in the middle so that I had enough fabric on either side for the pincushion.

2. Use this method for the waste canvas and cross-stitching. I went a bit free style with mine - so let your creativity flow. The only requirement is that it covers some of the pincushion. 

3. Place your pincushion template on the folded fabric, placing the embroidery side ways (if you are going for a more vintage look)

4. Sew around the template, right sides together - remember to leave an opening to fill the pincushion 

5. Turn your piece right sides out. Finger press the seams open. Then stuff. Use a lot of small bits to stuff your cushion. Push the stuffing up against the inner seams. You want the stuffing to be very full but not too firm. Sew the opening closed.

6. Find the exact center of your pincushion on each side and mark with a pencil or pen. If you are off center, your finished pincushion will have uneven sized sections, so take your time.

Sew a few stitches with your thread to create a firm anchor. 

Create each section by bringing the thread up from the middle, around the outer edge and then inserting the needle back into the center. Give the thread a firm tug to create the pillow effect. It may be difficult to work the needle through the center. I made 8 sections for this pincushion, up to you how many sections you want (4,6,8, more?). 

7. Add your button, I did also add a bit of fabric underneath to hide the middle. 

 And here you have it, a beautiful new pincushion, ready for use within an hour (without the cross-stitching part). 

This is my challenge entry for 'space'.. Because of the space in the middle of my cross-stitching pattern. For better interpretation of this month's theme, and a chance to enter our giveaway, check out the projects here

I love seeing your projects using my tutorials, so don't forget to tag me if you make one (on IG, twitter or facebook). 


  1. Oh Nat! This is absolutely stunning!! Thank you so so much for sharing. So pleased you've already used your Mystery Sewing Box ingredients :D

  2. Absolutely delightful Nat! I love this and it's going on my to-do list! And your photos are fabulous!!

  3. It's so beautiful! I love how you positioned the cross stitch and it's so pretty! Happy belated birthday to baby MiH xx

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. Perfect theme for today's space events .... Very well planned. Have you tried dissolvable cross stitch fabric by DMC it's supposed to be easier than pulling the threads out?

  5. I adore this Nat! On my to-do list! I have not tried waste canvas or dissolvable mentioned by Indianna, but I think I want to embroider some little strawberries on mine so I may just go freehand. Thank you for the inspiration and how-to!!

  6. I really love it! I think I am going to try your tutorial! A nice new thing to try! Thank you

  7. Wow! This is really lovely thing! So nice and cute present for crafty girl.

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