Hiya, how are you doing today? Thanks for visiting my blog – my place for showcasing handmade stuff, my addiction to all crafty things (knitting, crochet, sewing, cooking you name it I tried it, or willing to try) and bits about my life. There is love, drama (dramatic drama), fun stuff and of course a lot of handmade. 

I am Nathalie or Nat. I am French, and I have lived in Britain for a while now. You may have visited my first blog (hope you liked it). The first blogging journey is now over, and a new leaf of my e-life has been turned as I was pregnant with my first son. 

I am not a craft expert – far from it, and my day job is not in any way related to crafty stuff. But I really enjoy making things for myself and other people – and generally like to have fun. Plus I need an excuse to keep buying yarn and fabric, and future projects make it all very legit.

Are you also a craft addict or a hoarder? Do you love unique hand crafty things? Do you also need a creative escape from your day job? Well, we are going to get on famously!

My style is quite modern I would say, I adore geometrical shapes (especially triangles), and I am a real fan of Japanese patterns when it comes to my sewing (after I deciphered them that is). I love my neutral colours, with splashes of colours here and there. Flowery patterns are usually kept to a minimum, although I have been known to spend a fortune on vintage fabrics (thank you Ebay) with some wacky patterns. Yes, I am a woman full of contradictions.

The bit on my way of blogging.

I do not moderate the comments received on my blog, but I will delete any comment that may be inappropriate – makes sense, right? So be nice.. 

The pictures are usually my own, unless stated otherwise. If you would like to use them, it is not a problem as long as you refer back to the blog. Drop me a line as well as it would be great to know!