Friday Randomly Sharing

Friday, 11 December 2015

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to FRS where I share what has caught my eye recently - but where you could also share what has interested you - so please make full use of the comment box!

It is full on birthday preparations at ours, a little someone is going to be 3, and he will have a party. I made the same cake I made for his first birthday. I just need to be reminded of the good times, and his first birthday was definitely a very happy memory. Anyway, I did add some icing this time, because that's the only thing he actually likes in cakes. 

Check out Mimi G free DIY for a fabulous sequin skirt

I love this beanie hat - free pattern on De Rerum Natura blog - it resembles my own free pattern, but I like the way Beloved decreases better. Could it be a quick knit for Christmas (and he would get that red hat he has been asking for?)? 

I am juicing a lot - like everyday to make sure I get my intake of nutrients - but I have been wondering whether I have the right juicer (and may have been requested a new juicer from Santa). This discussion of centrifugal against masticating juicer is really useful! I am going for a masticating one, after months of using my centrifugal one - because I love green juices. 

I need a housecoat - just because Michelle sewed one and it is amazing!!

I love mugs, I love craft, I love quick projects - I could certainly make a message mug for someone right now thanks to this tutorial (and get those sharpie pens out of the box in the garage)

Here is a very quick Christmas hanging - super cute, super simple, super easy. 

I love this version of the Turia Dungarees - totally not the season for them in the UK, but will bear it in mind for this summer!

Do I have time to knit le Pull Claude from La Poule a petits pas - as seen on Maeva? Love the details on the sleeves, so feminine.

I am still looking for some knitting inspiration for Mr MiH - could Crag be it?  

A lovely DIY paper star garland - so simple - you could also made an oversized star just with this pattern. 

And finally the winner of the Pokiha Giveaway - no 7, Susan from PatchworknPlay, who has been following my blog for a long time. Libby also has a discount code, if you wanted to purchase the pattern. 


  1. So many great links Nat! You will have me tied to the laptop for the next hour.... Every little boy needs a red hat for winter! (Thanks for picking me out to win the giveaway! i am very excited to try this lovely pattern!)

  2. oh my gosh, I don't sew, but that sequin skirt is freaking amazing! And a happy 3rd birthday to your little one!

  3. A very Happy Birthday to Baby MiH! I'm totally going to try the paper star.. It looks very doable! Inspirational links, thanks for sharing! About the juicing, have you tried smoothies? They are even healthier because you get the fibers too!

  4. Happy birthday to baby mih . I hope the party went well . My boys loved the icing as well . I remember baking buns snd coming in and 21 out of the 24 had the icing licked off . Happy days in hindsight

  5. I watched the sequin skirt instructions. However I can't see that I will be making one. Thanks. And your cake looks splendid (for the grown up...)

  6. I love a good beanie with a fluffy pom pom. I do like that mug. That's a great idea. I love that sweater and yes, knitting that beanie for your husband is a must! Happy birthday to your son.