Embroidered Boxy Pouch | Le Challenge

Sunday, 14 September 2014

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When I showed my finished le challenge project this month, Mr MiH said, oh look you made another boxy pouch. Yes, I did dear, but this one is special. I added the embroidery, it is felt, can't you see? 

So yes, this is my third boxy pouch - following the steps (but not measurements) of the Kelbysews tutorial - adapted to felt. And it is my le Challenge entry (the theme is era - and the interlining fabric is one that I got from Mary's vintage sheet swap). 

To make your own embroidered boxy pouch, you will need:

- 2 pieces of embroidered felt (tutorial just below) 
       I bought this one measuring 30 cm by 45cm
- 2 pieces of medium-weight interfacing of the same dimensions (30cm by 45 cm)
- 2 pieces of coordinated fabric of the same dimensions (30cm by 45 cm)
- 2 pieces of felt measuring 1.5' x 5' for the side tabs
- a zip which fits with the longest side of the the felt pieces - mine is 14'
- matching thread 


To add the embroidery on felt (or any other fabric), I used some DMC soluble canvas (which is actually quite expensive for what you get, so I am now trying to use waste canvas - I will let you know how I get on). 

To make this embroidery (but you can make whatever pattern you fancy of course) - I marked the middle of the felt pieces.  

Baste the soluble canvas cut to size (making that little square you get last!) in place. It is great way to keep it place, it is a bit annoying to unpick after the cross-stitching is done, so may be better to go for longer stitches. 

Do it on both sides. 

And let the cross-stitching begin. You use the soluble canvas as a normal canvas. I used three threads of DMC thread, I chose (following an IG debate) to go for matching the thread to the vintage interlining fabric. 

Follow the instructions to dissolve the soluble canvas - it works! Et voila! You are ready to make your pouch! You  may find the felt has shrunk a bit, so look check out the pieces again to make sure they have the same size throughout the project. 

The main difference between my pouch and the Kelbysews one is that with felt you don't need to worry about the fabric edges and you leave them showing. It is supposed t make it easier to match the embroidery - but that did not work out as well for me (maybe next time). 

So you place the raw edge of the felt fabric interfaced next to the zip opening, and the interlining as you would normally on a boxy pouch. 

I like to baste everything before sewing with a zip - but this is a personal choice. 

Time to sew the zip into place (easier to open the zip to make neater ends). 

Press and you should end up with something like this (this is the inside)

Sew the two pieces together (the bottom of your pouch) - as you can see I had to make a neater edge. 

You then carry on with the pouch like recommended on the Kelbysews tutorial. 

Finally you have a brand new fancy boxy pouch! 

I love my boxy pouches, but this one is much boxier - because of the sturdiness of the felt I suppose and probably looks like what I had in mind when I started making boxy pouches. I suppose you could adapt the interfacing according to what you need/want. 

For all the other Era entries, go to Le Challenge - the link up party is now open!


  1. It's beautiful Nat! The cross stitch looks fabulous and it ties in so nicely with the vintage lining. I agree the felt makes it look properly boxy :)

  2. The cross stitch really does look beautiful...when will men understand that it's not just another boxy pouch?! ;-)

  3. Your cross stitching is so neat! You can never have too many boxy pouches!!

  4. I love how this pouch came together! And I'm a firm believer that as long as something is useful, you can never have too many of them ;)

  5. That soluble canvas is so cool! I didn't know stuff like that existed. Ain't nada wrong with boxy. They hold the most.

  6. That's so pretty. I love the embroidery. That disolving stuff is genius!

  7. Neat idea! I always enjoy to see how you use different materials and techniques. Well done!

  8. It looks wonderful and the embroidery is neatly done!

  9. What a great pouch - the cross stitch is so simple really but makes it look perfect! I love it!
    Caz xx

  10. What a wonderful embroidered pouch. Love the felt material. Going to share this non-woven fabric DIY project to my friends.