Friday, 1 April 2016

Happy Friday everyone! It is finally the weekend. We drove to France this afternoon, already been to the dentist (I know we go to a French dentist, but it is only because it does not hurt and I am not prepared to try others) - and found out that Baby MiH has some sort of issue with his jaws, totally fixable with a bit of time. We are actually pleased we found out that because it might be the cause of his dribbling, snoring (not cute baby snoring) and speaking with a lisp. All of these were not major (except for the snoring in my face during the night) but we were wondernig what to do. So what an evening! So glad we might have an easy solution - if Baby MiH plays ball of course. 

March has come and gone, and honestly I am not sure where it has gone. I am hoping to really slow down in April and enjoy the longer days, a bit more sunshine, and focus a bit more on the blog. The changes to Instagram meant that I have been spending less time on IG, I was quite disappointed to be honest. It is probably a good thing if that means more time to crafting and blogging. How do you feel about these changes? 

Also last month I started getting in touch with bloggers I would like to know more about. There should be more features this month, from Mademoiselle Poirot and Kate.I am also meeting Beckie from Embrace the Cake who maks the most delicious raw cakes. I cannot wait to have her in my kitchen and get 'baking'. 

There will be sewing, I can guarantee it, more knitting (I already have a finished beanie hat - so at least one finished item this month), maybe more natural dyeing, and cooking. 

I am feeling quite exciting about April, how do you feel about April?

*I took this picture over the weekend at Chenies Manor


  1. This is a lovely garden picture. I love bits like this. Glad it's not serious for Baby MiH and fixable. Man, teeth cost money. We've spent a house down payment for all the perio work I've gotten done since 2011 and my poor parents who had to pay for my braces which weren't worth crap. I can't believe it's April already! The husband and I slept in and had a crepe brunch at a little cafe nearby. The kids are up in city getting spoiled by their grandparents. It's a good first day of April.

  2. That's a great picture. Good that you found out about his jaw at this young age. With my best friend, I've seen that jaw problems at an adult age can be very tricky to fix! I try to enjoy the longer days that April gives us too. It gives us more time to do some crafting and chores in the house lately. We recently moved and there are tons of little chores like hanging lanmps, curtains, painting we have to do. Have a nice weekend!

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