Friday Randomly Sharing (on Saturday .. again)

Saturday, 2 April 2016

It is a bit of a long post - there is probably a bit for everyone here. I think I will run this series every week now. I seem to read more and more from blogs and online magazines, but still want to keep the list readable. 
On another note, the winner of the Nessa pattern is... no 1 Eulalia.. Congratulation!

Now onto the reading..

To sew or not to sew? 

- I am sure you all have seen the new Tessuti pattern - the Demi pant - and I am not sure. They look SO comfy, but the ballooning effect on each leg, hmm.

- Rachel's off the shoulder top is so on trend. I wished there was a pattern for it (Rachel?)!

- All that vintage sewing inspiration - how beautiful are all these patterns?

- How to draft a swing tee tutorial - it makes it look SO easy!

This tutorial to stop your machine swallowing your fabric - yes, finally! (so it is not just me and my poor skills, whoohoo!)

Behind the price of fashion 

- Here are the maths behind a £5.99 Lidl pair of jeans - and it is not magic

- There has been a lot of discussion in the UK about the gender pay gap last week - but there is even more a pink tax applied to even women's clothes (read for the same unisex clothes women pay more).

Is social media really killing our inner self? I am not sure, I can understand but I am sure other people have found like me benefits from building a community of like-minded people and sharing projects. I do wonder what the world of Baby MiH will be like though ..

- In my dreams, I will look and wear all of this collection  and this collection - all of it - beautiful and ethical. Who said ethical fashion should be boring?

Knitting/Crocheting away

- I pinned exactly the same pictures (oh Pinterest!) when I wanted to knit Baby MiH a Gansey inspired jumper (yep, never happened) - but this could be a sign that I revisit it.

- A Granny square shrug - or the perfect way to use all these left over yarns I have..

whilst eating away...

- You have to check this recipe for an alternative (and surprising) Easter egg - a cake in a eggshell - really you have to check it, I cannot actually explain it properly.

- I am not exactly the best dinner date planner - especially when it involves one little man - but I should try harder (and use these tips), maybe even when it is just for the 3 of us.

-  When we go on holiday near the beach, we usually collect cockles fresh from the beach (hours of entertainment) - and here is the perfect recipe Baby MiH would love (without the wine) - cockles + peas, a winner.

- Eat your rainbow - love this recipe (remove the bee pollen for a vegan version)

Gluten free, vegan tortilla nachos - looks amazing, and finally an idea for the chickpea flour that has been sitting in my cupboard for a while now.

- A great vegan and gluten free recipe - Soba Noodles + chickpeas & spinach with tahini miso sauce. 

... and looking at pictures (I am a multi-tasker, don't you know?)

- These pictures - you want them to move, can imagine them moving, and be like arrrghhhh!

- My brother and my parents are going to Japan this year (separately I might add, I am the only one embracing going on hols with my parents for free babysitting) - I am sending them there.

To nurture my inner peace...

- Look out for the IKEA Viktigt collection -designed by Ingegerd Råman. You may get a better idea of the collection here

- Twelve reasons why minimalism may be the answer to anxiety (see point 10 the concept of “only purposeful or meaningful”)

- I love the French brand A.P.C. and seeing Jean Touitou’s Parisian home, I am not surprised. 

- 90s kids bedrooms - the 90s have lot to answer for (and did nothing to my inner peace)


  1. Love the Kinfolk photos- edge-of-the-seat photography! And I'm going to Japan, in October!

  2. great links! Loved the kinfolk photos, and the articles on the Lidl jeans and fashion's pink tax- all the more reason to peruse the men's side of certain stores once in a while!

  3. Love, love, love the links! Thank you so much for sharing! Those collections look comfortably beautiful... Will definitely be drawing inspiration from that if I decide to make some clothes this summer. I have pretty much stopped buying clothes, which is probably shocking to my family back in Singapore where consumerism is really high... It is surprising to see how my mentality have shifted since moving to Finland - a change that I've noticed only after the last 2 visits back home! The Finns I've met here are excellent at living simply and I've learnt so much from them. I will definitely be sharing the minimalism article with my friends. Thanks again!

  4. gosh, catching up on blog reading after my holiday, a lot for me to catch up on here. I knitted my twins gansey jumpers, later worn by my daughter. Loved them. They passed around about 4 children each in the end. Possibly still passing round children?

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  9. Thanks for all of your great post. Wish you all the best in all of your endeavours.

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