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Monday, 21 March 2016

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There are a few reasons why I am keen to improve on my dressmaking skills - one of them is to able to recreate some items of my favourite fashion designers, for instance Maje, and save some pennies in the process.

I love Maje style but find sometimes that it just on the too-expensive side for me, especially when it comes to dresses - I hardly wear any so I am not necessarily ready to splash out. However I am a happy browser, and when I saw the Rayano dress in the flesh, I just knew I had to share with you this possible adaptation of the Cami dress, so you could have yours too (for a fraction of the price) - or make another Cami dress if you have the pattern like me!

Pattern: Cami dress by Pauline Alice Patterns (my version is here)
Fabric: I chose an organic eyelet fabric in 'natural', but I also love this organic blue fabric - if you are keen on red, you may consider this one.
Probable modifications: Remove the collar 
(whoohoo collarless, such an obvious modification); 
Maybe shorten it as well,
and Add more fabric to the get a fuller skirt.
Dress: You can buy the dress here

We are looking at a grand total of £55.00 which is not cheap of course, but still saves £250.00 on the Maje dress - a pretty good result - and of course allows me to make different versions of a pattern I already have (and get the colour and borderie anglaise detailing I want)! 

You can see my inspiration to make other designer garments here.


  1. love your fabric choice, I have ordered some fab embroidery anglaise for a tunic in a deep navy - so looking forward to the warm weather to wear it. Look forward to seeing your new dress!

  2. Cu-ute dress pattern. I so wish I could sew items like that right now. I have to start from the beginning. I'm planning on trying to sew together an advent calendar of felt stockings or something; I gotta refresh my memory from Pinterest.

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