Friday Randomly Sharing

Friday, 26 February 2016


A very random list this week... which I hope you will enjoy. 

- Free jumper pattern - sign me up! I love the oversized version of the Mohawk Wool Sweatshirt. The best bit: the buttons at the back. Totally my style.

- I love the new Treehouse patterns by Mandarine's. They are so beautiful, and a really lovely story that goes with them.

- New food trends - can Marie Kondo book be the source of all these changes? Did she even know?

- This is a summer project - but a perfect one for a little someone who loves collecting seashells on the beach. Can you imagine his face when I make  fairy lights out of his findings (and in the process find a purpose for them!)

- There are so many ethical certifications around - maybe this one will help us actually know what 'ethical' means and how companies should behave.

- These X-Ray pictures were taken in the 30s - how modern are they? So striking and yet so delicate

- I am lucky enough to go to Paris at least once or twice a year. I usually stick to what I know, but Local Milk's guide might just be the ticket to widen my horizons and try new alleys.

- As I usually get to change yarn a lot from the patterns recommended yarn (for more ethical versions) - accounting for my gauge is quite key. Here is a guide on how to.

- Some films about women I might not want to miss - but equally I need to be in a good mood to watch!

- The stash less challenge - I am not in, but I am definitely reading the blog posts with interest.

- Sasha's amazing reversible Sydney jacket - breathtakingly beautiful!

- A snoqualmie KAL - might be the only way for me to knit this cardigan. But so many things of my knitting list that will look at it from far.

- Just the best street style pictures from New York Fashion Week.

- Did someone say cake? as in cake sculpture in an entire space???

- Intelligent parking chairs - impressive (although I am not sure I see the point of them)

- Yumiko's books have been translated into English. I love her embroidery work, it is work of art. I might just add these books to my wishlist.

- Julie reviewed the latest Pompom Quarterly - and I actually like it. I sound surprised, don't I? The patterns are usually a bit out there, and I cannot see how they would fit in my wardrobe. But this issue is surprisingly closer to my style. My favourite might be the Delineate tank top.

- I love this rope basket by Liesl - I saw the process on IG, and seeing how it turned out makes me want to try it even more!

- We are going skiing, but not staying here - but how amazing would that be? Equally I am really happy to stay in the flat below my parents, 1) because it is not in the flat with my parents, 2) they still look after Baby MiH the whole day so I can ski - this chalet does not provide this level of high quality service. 


  1. Thanks for all the interesting links Nat! You sure have some great things to read here! The rope baskets are very popular, aren't they? I would like to have a go at day!

  2. I downloaded that sweatshirt pattern the moment I saw it too! : ) Love the style of it and I'm always freezing, so it could be lovely. Happy knitting!
    Enjoy Paris. I was ooogling Local Milks pictures on Instagram. So very beautiful.

  3. a fabulous round up! And so pleased to me your list. :) And I adore japanese embroidery books! I wish I made more time for embroidery, I actually love doing it.

  4. Hi Nat! Thanks for the shoutout ... so many interesting links <3 ... such a nice blog!

  5. I love your Random Posts - so many interesting new finds you link too.