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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

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Happy Wednesday everyone! Well, I am knitting non-stop, or it feels that way. I should really be finish projects I have started - including this bowtie scarf (someone's request) - except that I am starting new projects rather than finishing projects. So I am knitting a few projects at the same time, thankfully there all involve garter stitch and the patterns are easy to follow. Still it is hard to choose one to pick up when I get some knitting time!

Also do you find that you have a lot of single sock skeins in your stash, or is it just me? I have many, and was not sure what to do with them. But instagram came to my rescue, and Masgot I had to knit. You need 3 different skeins of sock/fingering yarn! I love the shape of this shawl/scarf, it gives an oversized scarf look but can also be worn as a shawl. It grows width-wise very quickly. I wanted the shawl to be soft around my neck, and decided to use skeins that were a blend of Alpaca and Cashmere. I bought the skeins on Etsy from here and here - both shops are based in the UK. 

I hope I will be able to give it as a present - and not keep it, otherwise I will have to start yet a new project! Also I'd better be getting on with more knitting, if I want a chance to also fit in a beanie hat for Mr MiH's Christmas. 

What are you all knitting? I am linking up to Ginny's today. 


  1. You are patient to be knitting that big shawl. I have tons of single skeins in my stash all around. I'm draggin' on the last handknit gift. I want to knit the crossing guard a cowl but I don't think I'll make it by winter break. A gift is a gift at any time, yeah?

  2. Such beautiful yarn! No wonder you couldn't resist!

  3. I just finished up a scarf last night and have a lovely pin to go with it. It's a stocking stuffer ; )

  4. I totally stockpile single sock skeins, because every time I stockpile a sweater's worth it really takes up a lot of storage real estate! And that shawl is going to be gorgeous, I love the colours you've pulled together.

  5. Love your colour choice! Masgot looks deliciously cozy. I'm working on some socks for Christmas gifting... And I have lots of single skeins too!

  6. I intended knitting lots if pairs of socks for presents . Only completed one pair so far ! My husband bought a new hat last week , got fed up waiting !