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Monday, 16 November 2015

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Happy Monday everyone! Well, isn't it hard to take decent pictures these days. Natural light is quite a precious commodity between the dark hours and the rain. I managed to snap some pictures of my finished cardigan, and I can now tell you how much I love it (now that it has pockets). It is my usual style, an easy to wear oversized cardigan.

I was really worried about the construction of the cardigan. It is not knitted in the round, - you have to sew the pieces together. You would think that because I sew it would be quite logical that this construction appeals to me, well it does not. I actually like knitting in the round. However after this cardigan I may be not so opposed to knit pieces and sew them together. I am not sure my technique is great yet, I totally bluffed it, and it worked, so did not investigate more, but I probably need to pay more attention to the sewing part. 

Pattern: Veste Femme (pattern 22) in Phildar Catalogue A/H 010-11
Yarn: Ecological Wool from Cascade Yarn in silver (see my ethical review here)
Yardage: I  think I used 2 full skeins (unfortunately I had used the yarn for something else, so it was not in full and intact skeins when I knitted with it). 
Needles: 7 mm (to get a light fabric - do try to make a sample to get the right fabric)
Size: I made the size 46/48 based on my gauge
Modifications: I did not make any modifications - even added the pockets. I did block it differently however. I did the neckline, shoulder and arm seams, and block it flat - and then did the side seams. 
Future Modifications: Although I love the double moss stitch, I think it would be interesting to knit this in another stitch to add some visual interest based on the same pattern. Also I may make the front panels larger to add even more drape.

Here is a quick review for you: 

Wearability: 4/5 - It is totally wearable - as soon as it is finished. I did not give it full marks because I do not like the way the edge looks, I would like them a bit neater to make it less hand-knitted (any tips?). 
Time spent: 4/5. I did not keep exact timing, but 3 months for a hand knitted garment for me is fast knitting, I think this could be done in a month if you really focused on it. 
Boredom factor: 4/5. There is so much double moss stitch one girl wants to knit over a month. I was easily distracted by other projects. 
Difficulty: 2/5. There is quite a bit of shaping at the shoulders, but overall it is quite easy to knit as it is mainly based on rectangles. 
Pricing: a bit less than £30 for the yarn and a few evenings of watching your favourite series on Netflix. Not bad value.  

This a great pattern to have for a basic cardigan in any wardrobe. It looks easily adaptable to your needs, and you can easily add more interest than I have done here. I may consider making another one of these. 


  1. Do you know if there is a way to procure this pattern? I can't find it anywhere...

    1. I cannot email you, but happy to help you find the pattern.

  2. This looks great, Nat. It looks comfy and cozy and great for layering.

  3. I love the texture! But I'd love to see it on, too- does it fit you well?

  4. I just love a grey knit sweater. This looks lovely

  5. Hi! I am currently trying to knit the same sweater and am having a hard time understanding the shaping at the shoulders. Did you use the french pattern or the english version of it?