Natural Hazelnut Wreath :: A tutorial with BerlinBaby ::

Saturday 14 November 2015

Hello everyone, I hope you all are having a great weekend. If you are in Paris, I hope you are ok, and please stay safe... We are 14 November, which means I am again late for posting on Le Challenge - and I feel like a cheat as I am not posting my make! The theme was 'method', and method could mean tutorial and I have a brilliant tutorial to share with you. I got in touch with Cecile - aka Berlinbaby on IG - about a hazelnut wreath she made some time ago (I totally stalk her account, and you should too!). I hoped she had a tutorial, as it happens she has been following my blog for a while (I am still amazed people do) and she was delighted to write this tutorial for us! 

I have just ordered what I needed to make my own... 

If you use her tutorial, please let us know and share your makes!

You will need:

a 26cm straw wreath ring (mine is from a local craft shop)
about 800g hazelnuts
glue gun
2 pieces of ribbon

Step One

Heat up your glue gun and lay a piece of newspaper under the wreath to catch the drips of glue. 
Place a generous amount of glue onto the more pointed end of one of your hazelnuts, and stick it onto the straw wreath. 

Step Two

Repeat step one, glueing the hazelnuts one at a time onto the wreath. Once the first few are in place it starts to feel like a little puzzle, finding the right hazelnut to nestle into each spot. Don’t fret about it too much, though. There will be little gaps and imperfections here and there, and it will look all the more beautiful for it!

Step Three

Carry on covering the wreath (except for the back) in hazelnuts. Leave a gap slightly wider than your ribbon. Using a little glue, fix one end of the ribbon onto the wreath and wrap it tightly around the straw wreath a few times, gluing the other end down as well.

Finish sticking on the rest of the hazelnuts until they nestle right up against the edges of the ribbon.

Thanks Cecile for this amazing tutorial, please share your makes with Cecile and I, she is on IG @berlinbaby and I am @natmadeinhome!

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  1. This looks wonderfully festive. And I'm glad you are safe as you usually are out and about.

  2. Never thought to use hazelnuts, very pretty!

  3. I really like this, thank you so much for the tutorial.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! Thanks to Cecile for sharing!