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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Has anyone seen my postman? I think he forgot to bring me some wool. Doesn't he know I am 10 rows away from finishing this beautiful WIP? Someone should tell him. Maybe someone should also tell him that I will be at my Pilates class tomorrow, and if he could stuff the skein through my tiny letter box it would be most kind. 

No, I did not make a gauge, and yes I totally relied on what was written on the label and on the pattern without questioning, and yes I got it wrong. I am quite annoyed because I am going away on Friday, and I know that the skein I am missing will arrive then. And this test knit deadline is Friday. So annoying. No I don't make gauges for a shawl - who does? - and yes I should, especially for a test knit. But if I am honest, I will continue without knitting a gauge for a shawl in the future - I am just living my life on the edge (knitting in my living room in front of the telly)! 

Talk about living on the edge though, someone dared touch Hercule Poirot - and write a whole new book in the style of Agatha Christie. It is a bold move, considering that Agatha Christie killed her character, herself. So yes, on principle, I have issues with that. My Mum bought it, read it and discarded it at my house (she thinks I am an charity bookshop sometimes) - this is why I have the French version. I am reading it, it is ok, I will finish it, but I am totally enjoying it. Maybe it is one Poirot too many. What do you think? 

What are you currently knitting? Linking up to Ginny's today. 


  1. oh, it's so hard when you are waiting for yarn to finish a project, I've totally been there! Here's hoping it arrives today.

  2. Fingers crossed that the postman delivers your yarn on time! I'm terrible about swatching too. I usually knit a chunk of whatever it is I'm working on and then take a look at the gauge. I know, I know. Bad knitter.

  3. Argh that's so frustrating, hope you got the yarn by now!