Acorn with a pompom :: Crochet ::

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Hello everyone! I was really happy to work on these pictures today - it reminded me of the good times of this weekend, and that despite everything we can have some happy times still. Sadly my Grand dad passed away last Friday, exactly a month after Little Baby MiH. It was all expected, the timing is less than ideal though - and this weekend away was much needed. 

Making hats for my cheeky monkey is also making me happy - seeing him making funny faces (or licking the fence, wtf?) is uplifting. And I love this hat on him. He loves the pompom of course - he shakes his head about to make the pompom shake. Also that crochet texture is amazing - I cannot actually believe I made this! 

 Pattern: Acorn by Kat Goldin (I already posted about it here)
Crochet hook size: 5.5 mm
Yarn: De Rerum Natura Gilliatt in poivre (I reviewed the ethics of the yarn here), the pompom is made out of Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted in pearl
Size: I made the biggest size for him (4+ rather than toddler size)
Modification: The pattern was available in LandScape. I had to add repeats of the pattern to make the beanie hat big enough - I am not sure whether it is a problem with the printing of the pattern or because of my yarn choice. Anyway I had t make 6 repeats in the end. I also make the puffs more prominent by adding yarn overs. And of course I added the pompom. 

This hat made me realise that I actually do like to crochet, and should be doing more of it. It also opened by eyes to the texture you can achieve in crochet - amazing, who knew! There is a whole world out there of crochet texture ready to be explored me thinks!


  1. Your little boy looks quite delightful in his new pompom hat! I am sorry to hear of the passing of your grandfather. Praying the days get a little easier for you Nat.....

  2. aw, he looks so happy in his fabulous hat! And that is stunning, I never would have guessed crochet. well done.

  3. Handsome boy; I remember when he was a babe. LOVE his beanie which I covet. Sorry about the passing of your grandfather. Hugs to you girl. You are a warrior.

  4. Beautiful eyes. He will break many hearts with those big eyes :-)

  5. That is one awesome pompom! Mine never come out as fluffy and perfect as yours -- I always have a hard time getting the yarn to knot tightly enough to hold all the strands together. Both the hat and your little boy are adorable! :)

  6. I love your version... More than the original. I think its the combination of the gorgeous yarn and the extra prominence of the puffs. I haven't seen many crochet designs that looks good for both men and women. This is definitely one of them!

  7. Haha! What is it with kids and licking things? I'm really impressed with this hat - I wouldn't have expected this look from crochet.