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Monday, 7 September 2015

Hello everyone! Happy Monday! I wanted to finally share some of my makes from like forever ago, that was posted on IG then, but as it has been so long I am hoping people are not bored of it. This is my first version of the Alice top, I have already made (and worn) a second version, and even thinking of my third version. I am not going to hide it anymore, I love this pattern. 

In the summer I got quite interested in finding more about my shape. My thinking is that it will help me prioritise projects that should suit my shape - rather than spend time on projects that might not. However I find it really hard to look at myself in the mirror and accurately decide what my morphology actually is. So I measured myself, and worked out with  measurements (and on this website) that I was a pear shape - except that I am not sure I am a true pear-shape (when I look at Sewaholic patterns for instance, my hips are smaller than what they have in mind). 

All of this was done after making this top. But it happens that this top works for my shape - and even I knew it worked when I first put it on. The top got a lot of wear out of it, all summer - even though this is not my typical fabric/colour/pattern. Flowers on a peach colour background is probably my idea of a fabric gone wrong - and yet I wore this top all the time. Maybe I should open my mind a little - or definitely sew for my shape, or just keep sewing the same top ... 

And this is why this version was supposed to be a muslin - wearable if I was lucky. I never thought I would love it as much as I did. I already had the second version in mind. But isn't it great when this happens? However this post will remain a review of the pattern (so no pictures of me in it) - not that there is much to say, but details are always useful.

The pattern is the Alice Top by Tessuti Fabrics - which is available online, instant gratification, you buy it and it is in your inbox and you start straight that night... or, in my case, you loose the email, and have to ask for the pattern again - and then you can get on with it. 

I totally matched the M size measurements - it never happens to me, so I was pretty pleased. However I did read some reviews that the top ends up being big. As it happened, I did not modify anything, because when I printed the pattern, the sample rectangle that is supposed to be 10 cm x 10 cm, was in fact 9 cm x 9 cm. So I thought that was enough of a modification, and it was. So I should have probably gone down one size, if my printer was printing adequately. 

The pattern explanations are super clear - with many pictures. You cannot get it wrong really. It is quite an easy construction in the end. I had to adjust the length of it - a usual adjustment as I am quite short. This is an adjustment I should be really making before cutting the pieces - because I end up doing it every time, and I should just learn. 

So as you can imagine, I did not make the adjustment for the second version either. Whoohoo for learning from past experiences! 

Also I do not have bat wings per se, but I have issues with my arms - so I am not keen on sleeveless tops. The sleeves of the top hide perfectly this little issue, whilst being great for the summer and hot weather (yes we do have hot days in Britain!). No offending bat wings on show! 

The fabric is a Nani Iro double gauze (reference here) bought here. I have had it in my stash for a couple of summers now so it was time to get it out! I am using my existing stash for wearable muslin, and ethical fabric especially bought for the project for the actual project. I had never sewn with double gauze before - it is a bit weird, isn't it? Or maybe it is just me. Anyway, for having sewn another version with a thinner fabric, the double gauze is probably as thick as you want your fabric to be. It still has some flow but maybe not as much as I would like - I am being super picky though here, because I am wearing it a lot, so in the end it does not bother me. 

We are entering the colder season in Britain, so I am not sure this one should be on your sewing list. Unless you knit a cardigan, and then you are ready for the Autumn! If you are in the southern hemisphere, do sew it, you will love it! 

I mentioned a second version, I have posted it everywhere, so unless you only read my blog, it will not be a surprise - however I will write a full tutorial about the yoke so stay tune for some customising ideas. 

In case my version does not really inspire me, check out this one using some jacquard trim or you could be inspired by this top or this one to make your own version. 


  1. Beautiful fabric and I imagine this suits you perfectly :)

  2. Hi Nat I love to see the clothes you make, I finally finished my daughter's skirt, amended it and it worked, in the end. And you know, you can't have bat arms, you're too young

  3. I love that you are blogging again. I pulled myself away from the easiness of IG and I didn't want to post the same stuff everywhere. I love this top. The print is fresh and modern + feminine. I love how you can whip it out for any warm day. I personally don't order online anymore. I have to try clothes on in person because of fit and how the garment lays. I will check out that website for body types.

  4. It looks lovely - really makes me think that I should start sewing again.

  5. This is beautiful! I really love Nani Iro, but I'm not quite sure it's my style, exactly. But wow, the designs are so pretty!

  6. I like the simple style of this. Looks perfect for the summer! I'm curious what the second version looks like, though.