Friday Randomly Sharing

Friday, 4 September 2015

Happy Friday everyone! It is Friday, can you believe it! When I resumed blogging, I knew I really wanted to have a corner where I would share what has caught my eye recently - but where you could also share what was interest to you - so please make full use of the comment box! 

- Let's start by Hungry for Change - a documentary which looks at diet, weight loss and what food industries don't want you to know about deceptive strategies designed to keep you coming back for more. This documentary changed my life, honestly. I have not drank a single soda since, and made so many changes to my diet, and that of the kids. It is totally worth your time.

- Blocking mittens is made easy with this tutorial by Melody.

- Have you seen Libby's latest beanie hat design: Koru? I love it - that lace and cable panel is gorgeous - and it is the perfect project to destash as well! (And there is currently a 15% discount). 

- Talking about latest designs, I am a bit taken by the Sidney jacket by Tessuti Fabrics - it looks like my sort of pattern - instant gratification guaranteed. I love how their patterns are written as there are so many pictures, and that really speaks to my photographic mind. I need to find an ethical fabric option - maybe a second-hand remnant or something - any idea?  

- Moral Fibres has got a great tip about twitter and tagging people. I had no idea... and made the mistake she mentions every time, and limited my audience in the process. So totally worth checking out if your blogging strategy includes twitter. 

- I have just come across a new ethical brand - des petits hauts. I could probably buy the whole collection, but I know that I really need blouse Habi  in my life.  

- Eggplant QD not a new veg but an epic knit - OMG, just check it out on Ravelry, it is unbelievable (and there are beads)!!

- Yesterday I was invited to an event at Fabrications in Hackney. If you are in the area and looking for some ethical/second-hand craft materials it is totally worth checking out. 

Here is my random list, what is yours? 


  1. Eggplant QD is amazing - and it was knitted in 11 days! Are you kidding?! I don't think I could get that knitted in 11 years! Fab list.

  2. my random list, to get to grips with pinterest and ravelry. I lose things in pinterest and ravelry all the time, need a system.
    mmm weight loss, recently lost a lot of weight and unfortunately put a lot back on again. All or nothing it seems with me.

  3. Such great picks and links, thank you! The hat has been added to my list of favourites, the shawl id beautiful and very intriguing since I took a class on knitting with beads just this spring, the blocking mitts tutorial is also very handy...and I am SO watching that documentary! Thank you Nat!