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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Hello Wednesday! And hello WIP day! I am posting this cardigan project as I really need to show my commitment to finish it in the (very) near future - before it gets really cold. It is totally cardigan weather at the moment, so easy - you put it on, and off you are running your errands. Don't get me wrong I love scarves, beanie hats, layering - but it is takes forever to get ready (and this is just half the battle, I have to dress the kids too!). 

This project is quite frustrating as a WIP because you basically knit 3 rectangular-ish pieces that you will sew together. And therefore to actually imagine the cardigan (or whether it is going to be your size after all that knitting) is quite hard - I did not even attempt to take a picture of all the pieces. The model is featured in the Phildar magazine, and I am hoping for a similar result.. But who knows? These pieces do not give me anything - my next cardigan project will have to be knitted in the round.

Also I love double-moss stitch, but I may be having a double moss stitch indigestion here. It is the only stitch used, not a little yarn over, or little cable to break the pattern. However I do love how flat and neat the knitted fabric is, it is going to make it (hopefully) so much easier to put together. 

I am using some yarn from my existing stash - I must have had a massive project in mind, because I have loads of this yarn, but cannot remember what it was. So I am glad this project is using quite a bit of it. It is from the Ecological Wool from Cascade Yarns - you might be interested in my ethical review of the yarn here. This yarn is undyed. 

It is a bit rustic, in fact I was quite reluctant to use it for a cardigan, I was worried that it would be too stiff or too itchy on my skin. However once I made my swatch I was quite pleased with the result - due to the fact that I have to knit with 7 mm needles and therefore the fabric is quite light as a result, and because the cardigan is supposed to oversized and should not be too close to my skin. 

It is all serious reading at the moment. I am more and more interested in finding out about nutrition, and just got Potatoes not Prozac out of the library yesterday. It talks about sugar addiction - how it affects people (oh mood swings, I loathe you) and how to deal with cravings etc. I have managed to eradicate all refined sugar out of my diet, and I am working on the boy's diet. I am hoping this book is going to help me be even more vigilant about hidden sugars in their food. However as it is quite heavy reading for the evening, I am more likely to fall asleep on it... 

I will be joining Ginny today, it is good to be back in blogland!  


  1. This year, quite by accident, I discovered a quinoa salad that I fell in love with. I've been eating it for months! I have enjoyed the clean eating and if I feel in need of a treat, I have a piece of 85% dark chocolate ; )

  2. your cardigan is looking great so far! and the double moss stitch does look like a lovely fabric. I still have a WIP that is knitted in no fewer than 7 different pieces, so needless to say it's been languishing for some time. I wish I had just altered it to knit most of it as one piece, but I thought ti would be good to follow the pattern exactly!

  3. That is super interesting how this cardigan will be made up of three rectangles. I like the texture of this double moss stitch and the yarn looks so smooshy!

  4. Your cardigan looks great, how interesting to be made from three triangles?!

  5. It looks deliciously squooshy! Can't wait to see it finished!