Tuesday, 1 September 2015

It is September and I was in school for such a long time that it still feels like it is the start of my new year – and my kids are not even going to school yet! Forget about 1 January, 1 September is where the real deal is when it comes to start afresh. So it is no coincidence that I decided to resume blogging today

We have been busy at MiH - enjoying the holidays, spending with family in France, spending time as a family at Camp Bestival. Our usual routine is starting again this week - although in the back of my mind I know that in two months’ time I am about to change all that and go back to work. But let's not even go there.

I also needed some time away from the blog to decide what I was going to do in this space. I have been finding that many bloggers I have been following have been blogging less and less – favouring Instagram to share their projects – and I am just very slow at finishing projects, so I have never felt I had enough content to post on the blog. This is in partly due to the babies, but also because my craft process is just slow.

For a while I was asking myself whether it was even worth resuming the blog. And then at the end of July I decided that it was worth the effort, but that it had to be more in line with me. I wanted this blog to move forward and reflect the new ways I am exploring to get to the lifestyle I really aspire too. And it would be interesting to share some aspects with you - a lot of crafting, respectful and ethical craft brands but also ethical fashion and better food.

I will put new recipe books to the test. Did you know that on average people use only 3 recipes of their recipe books? When I read this I was quite scared, and then I just had to admit that it was the truth –the dust on my cooking books is a testament of this. So it was time to try more recipes from a book and give an honest review that hopefully will be helpful. And as a lot of my IG friends know, I started with Deliciously Ella.

I have also lined up some guest bloggers to help me out. This month Rebecca will be sharing with us how to dye with avocado skins – the vegan way, so cool. I will also be talking to Pauline from Pauline Alice about living from your passion – very inspiring stuff.

The content of the blog is not radically changing – so please do not unfollow me yet! Made in Home is back – and I hope you will enjoy the new content. 


  1. Welcome back. I agree that it is increasingly difficult to make time for the things you love doing.

  2. sounds like you had a great break and you have all sorts of new ideas for what you'd like to do with your blog space! I'm excited to see what happens next. And I believe that 3 recipes a cookbook stat- I have some cookbooks where that number is even 1 (or zero).

  3. Welcome back, darling. Glad you were enjoying life with the family. I know, I'm bummed that many of my favorite bloggers have been sucked in by the easiness of IG. That's why I went off of it. I needed my writer's outlet again. I'll be here. *hug*

  4. Welcome back, Nat! I can't wait to see where your blog will go from here.

  5. I am really glad that you've decided to continue. You have an important message, I believe, especially your ethical wardrobe posts are very interesting. I also find it hard to balance 2 kids and a blog, but as long as you are still having fun with it....continue.
    I personally cannot wait to read more.

  6. Oh, and I cannot wait to read about dyeing with avocado...I've wanted to do it for a long time!!

  7. Nice to see you back here! Also, I'm excited to see your recipe reviews! Things have been very hectic here and my cooking has really suffered... it's hard to motivate myself to do more than to make a couple of pieces of toast when I get home late! So I appreciate anything that might prompt me to get back in the kitchen and make some healthier meals. :)

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