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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I finally managed to take picture of Little Baby MiH in his customised vest top - I had talked about the customisation process here (a bit of time ago now). He has been too small to wear it until now - but he is wearing it all the time now that he is able to. 

I bought a set of organic vests for Little Baby MiH before he was born, and only customised one of them. If you have a winter baby, vests are not something you get to see often. It is probably best to customise the summer ones - in case you fancy making some. 

It does make the perfect gift though - a vest is really useful, but a bit boring, so customising it adds a real personal touch - I am thinking initials to be super fancy. 

I bought the organic vests from BabiPur, the waste canvas 
from the Needle Craft Shop and use some DMC thread in brown. 
Here is my Pinterest board for embroidery pattern inspiration. 

I took a few pictures of Little Baby MiH to get these three (a mere 140...), hope you enjoyed them! 


  1. He is so cute and getting big really fast! The mustache is adorable! I also really like your idea to embroider initials! It would be very fancy to have a monogrammed clothing at such a young age!

  2. So cute! Love this idea! And your little man is gorgeous!

  3. He looks adorable! What a great idea to cross stich a mustache on his vest!

  4. Lovely ... I laughed at the 140 photos!!