Thursday, 12 March 2015

I am finally recovering from our week away with both kids - and Little Baby MiH first flight. It was a much needed break, and spending some time with my whole family. Mr MiH and I were very (very) lucky and skied every day and so did Baby MiH who went to ski school this year! He can certainly go down the hill - but cannot stop yet - yes, it is an issue, just not as far as he is concerned. 

We go to the same resort every year (Serre-Chevalier). When I was younger, I thought that this was the most boring ever, when there are so many resorts to try. Now that I have kids, I love that everything is familiar, I know where to rent skis, the pushchair, the sledge and the route to the resort.. I am all about the routine, and at the end of the day there is so much excitement a girl can take after a flight with 2 kids. 

The weather was fairly good - but as time on our own is SO precious, it did not matter. We went skiing every day, and if the weather was bad we made the most of our lunch en tête a tête, and spend quality time together. There is no way I am wasting a babysitting offer. Time as a couple has become scarce, and therefore important. 

The flights were ok. It was a dream on the way there, I should have done better... The way back was a bit more challenging, starting by the baby being sick of me before we boarded the plane, and a serious case of ear popping. By the time we landed, The wonderful woman who invited us to take the 'special assistance' passport lane (ie avoiding 20 minutes of queue) literally saved my life. Gatwick airport clearly have a family friendly policy, and has been a wonderful experience (if you are based in the UK and a choice). 

We are back. I will be back on the blog. I have a few projects that are finished, and need posting, and few others in the works to share soon. I intend to be around more frequently now. 


  1. What a cute resort. I love that pic of your toddler on skis.

  2. How cute is your baby on skis! Great that you had this much needed time off to ski and forget about daily worries.

  3. looks like a great break away, and how cute does baby mih look on skis!

  4. I don't think there's anything cuter than little tykes on skis! It seriously melts my heart to see them zipping down the bunny hills with their wedge techniques!

  5. Wow, the place looks amazing! Great that you enjoyed your trip. I'm about to take the baby with my on a long flight by myself and would LOVE it if you can share some tips/advice about flying with a small one!