Purl Ridges Mittens | A Finish {Knitting}

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

I think I am a small-knitting-project-kind-of-girl. I love the process of knitting of course - but I get bored so quickly with repeats, no matter how beautiful I know the end result will be. Whereas with small projects you have a chance to finish quickly - which is really rewarding. Using naturally dyed yarn - dyed by myself - make the result even more special of course. 

So these mittens ... well they got knitted up quite quickly considering I am knitting a baby blanket as well as getting on with Christmas projects at the same time. 

I had been wondering for a while whether it was worth buying the pattern - it is quite expensive (well, I think) for a basic mittens pattern. I bought it because I did not have the brain power to work it out by myself - but I think you can - but really wanted this pattern. 

However I think it is worth it in the end - because you do get a basic pattern that would work for any mittens (there are a few stripey versions made with this pattern). The knitting of the thumbs is really interesting compared to other mittens patterns I tried in the past - and really neat actually. Also they fit my hands perfectly -  I have small hands and I usually have issues with size, so that's pretty good. 

I may have to add that I only wear mittens so having a basic pattern in my pattern library is quite essential. 

Pattern: Cozy Purl Ridges Mittens by Jenny Gordy (available here)
Yarn: Hand dyed worsted weight yarn (naturally dyed) - by me. 
I talked about the kit I used here and here.
Needles: as recommended by the pattern
Size: The pattern is in one size
Modifications: None
Result: I love how it shows this pattern, and the yarn of course. 
I do think I need a grey version of those as well. 

If you are looking for handmade presents ideas - I would recommend this pattern. It is easy to adapt to anyone's taste and the technique is simple but makes a neat result. And of course now, my little hands will finally be warm!

I will be linking up this project to KCCO and Ginny


  1. Lovely mittens and I adore the colour you achieved with the dyeing. Beautiful!

  2. The colour of these mittens is so lovely - from far away they appear almost gray but the subtlety of the mixed shades upon closer inspection is so intriguing and really beautiful.

  3. This dye job came out very interesting. It's eye catchy and calming. These mitts look very cozy.

  4. lovely mittens and you will be able to adapt the pattern in so many ways it will pay for itself many times over

  5. Love the mittens - they look so cozy and squishy! :)

    And I agree, small projects like that are so rewarding, aren't they?

  6. These are so beautiful! The color is amazing as well, summer-at-the-lake colored :)

  7. These are beautiful! Today is the first very cold day we've had this year. I was instantly reminded that I needed to make myself some new mittens! Last year, I lost my favorite pair. I am always preoccupied with sweater knitting, and I forget to take time to knit myself accessories. Then, I regret it.

  8. Super pretty mittens and the dye color is very interesting. Great finish Nat.

  9. I love how these mittens came out with your hand-dyed yarn. Jenny Gordy has some great simple designs. I love her Snoflinga pattern.

  10. Nat they are gorgeous!! The yarn looks incredible and I agree mittens are wonderful :)

  11. This pair of mitten is so much more special becauseyou dyed the yarn yourself! Love the simplicity of the pattern chosen, too!