Green tourists | Thorpe Forest

Saturday, 8 November 2014

I love these pictures - it was a great weekend away, the last one as a family of three - although we are talking so much of the imminent birth of Litlle Baby MiH that a little someone must be wondering whether there is actually someone in his Mummy's tummy or whether I just ate all the pies. 

Also we had great weather, which is always surprising when we go away in October. And because there was something for everyone - although my being on a bike at 8-month pregnant was definitely more for keeping Baby MiH happy, and for Mr MiH to have a laugh, than my own comfort. 

It is also the first time we went to stay in an Eco lodge, something I was really keen on - Mr MiH requested a tree house (still 8-month pregnant, I am not sure he is grasping the concept) - I found a luxury lodge, on one floor, in the middle of the forest - and after some family negotiating on dates (what do you mean you are running a 10K and we cannot do anything before because you need to train?), we booked our long weekend away in Norfolk with Forest Holidays

Baby MiH may have stolen a few stones in the process.. Sorry... 

Baby MiH did love the bike despite his scrunched up face.. 

We felt restored - every so often we need to get away as a family (ie not in France) and spend some quality together (ie not with our parents, no matter how helpful babysitters they are). 

Although I would definitely go back, it will never be in summer. The whole lodge is designed around you being part of the forest - ie massive windows, ie a lot of light in the morning (and no black out curtains) and maybe a sauna effect in the summer. But it is great in the Autumn as you can enjoy the beautiful colours at your doorstep. 


  1. Beautiful place!
    I agree with you, sometimes you need some quality time together as a family (no parents or other relatives)

  2. Looks fantastic! I love Norfolk and a holiday with just your brood is such a treat - looking forward to seeing this baby!!

  3. beautiful setting for building memories.....!!!

  4. What an interesting place to holiday. I love that sweet pic of toddler MiH. He's gorgeous.

  5. Wow, what a great trip! Glad you had some nice family time!

  6. WOW. That looks like a stunning location and a perfect place to collect your thoughts and relax. I love the concept of an eco lodge, and a tree house sounds incredible- except for the whole pregnant thing. :-D

  7. Ah amazing... we love Norfolk too, especially in early spring when it's still a little chilly but bright outside. I can't believe how busy you have been with all of your makes, wonderful!

  8. looks like a lovely family break before your new member makes his appearance. I take it is your husband who is doing the 10k run ;)