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Friday, 14 November 2014

This le challenge has come round very fast indeed. I had so many ideas for this month's theme 'x' - very big projects, but current events have taken over and it was time to get my hospital bag ready (yes that seems to have come round quickly as well). Mr MiH has been nagging me about it, and I still have not done anything about it. 

But this is what I really needed - a big handmade pouch that could carry all my beauty products in travel size. It is made of felt - I do love working with felt - and I actually 'printed' my own fabric so it is all coordinated. I am actually so in love with this pouch, that I am now happy to start packing - at some point.

I have written a quick tutorial so you can too make this pouch and the fabric - or at least be inspired by the process. 

My pouch measures 10' x 9'- and it is fairly big. I will provide the measurements I used to make this pouch - but it is really easy to adapt for any size pouch that you want. The only thing that you should be aware is the proportions of the white felt against the size of the pouch. I made it a third of the pouch, you may want to make a bigger/smaller statement. My seam allowance is 1/2 inch

You will need for the pouch:

- Cut two pieces of felt outer fabric 11' x 10'
- Cut two pieces of lining fabric 11' x 10' (I reused some calico I had made my muslin Tova with)
- Cut two pieces of white felt - 11' x 3' and line it with fusible web
- one zip to size

You will need for printing the fabric:
- Dylon fabric paint 
- a paint brush
- half a potato 
- baking parchment and fabric to iron the paint on (according to the instructions)

The potato may have suffered a bit from the process
1. Start by 'printing' your lining fabric - to make sure that the printing is dry when you get to use the fabric.

I followed the instructions on the bottle. I did try it on similar fabric beforehand to see how much I needed on the 'stamp'. I would say that my fabric looks very handmade - and I am sure you get better at it the more you do it. I did use a ruler to try to space the crosses evenly. 

I would love to print some fabric with Baby MiH - I am not sure he is ready for it yet, but soon we will have a go on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Beware this is a lot of fun! 

When I thought of the lining of the pouch I tried to put the best crosses at the top - and the double stamped one at the bottom... 

2. Put the outer fabric together

Draw the design you would like to add to your white felt fabric on the back of the fusible web - and cut out the design. 

 And iron it on

I quilted around the cross - because I thought it might the area that would be weakest point if I use it a lot - which I intend to!

3. Sew the pouch together

I followed the Purl Bee Simple Lined Zipper Pouch Tutorial to put it together - the tutorial also provides help to adapt the pouch sizes to your needs. 

Felt is thicker than fabric of course - so I usually use the raw edges of the outer felt fabric flush with the zip. It makes a less bulky finish at the top. 

Don't forget that opening at the bottom... 

And reveal it all! 

Well I must have done well - because Mr MiH is now asking for a sponge bag for himself after seeing my pouch. He never asks anything from me... 

This is will make great Christmas present - you can adapt it to anyone's taste - and although the tutorial makes it sound like it takes forever - it definitely does not. Probably took 3 hours to make (including 'printing the fabric' - a step you can easily skip). 

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  1. It's gorgeous Nat! I love your printed fabric and that would be a great activity to do with the kids! You better go pack your bag! :)

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