Yarn and Twigs | Christmas 2014

Friday, 7 November 2014

Baby MiH is a collector - mainly of stones and twigs - stones fit in his pockets and he is able to point with twigs, which is great fun as far as he is concerned. I love going on walks with him, he finds everything wonderful - but at the same time, every walk takes forever. So I decided to make the most of his 'presents' to me and incorporate them into my Christmas decoration.

I did make him have a go at making these Christmas decorations - with NO success whatsoever - and resulting only in knots in my yarn. So maybe next year - or the year after... 

So for the time being, we will be focusing on gathering more twigs. It makes walks much more interesting as Baby MiH is looking purposefully - and of course this is also an opportunity to introduce new words in his vocabulary. But it also means I am much less frustrated at his collection habit, and in fact I get quite keen to find more twigs (of a certain size etc). 

I am sure you will have realised now that thankfully I have spent a lot of time at summer camps - where making this ornaments was part of our weekly routine - all helpful some 20 years later... 

The colour scheme of the ornaments matches the pompom garland one. I am stuck at the moment because I have ran out of the cream yarn (is that really cream?) - so I am waiting for a happy delivery soon. Except for that yarn (Rowan Revive, which is a recycled fibre), the other yarns are from my stash - pompom garlands are a great way to destash. I am using a pompom maker (you can read my review here) - so much fun!

None of this takes a lot of time - but will make an interesting addition to my Christmas decoration. Have you tried to incorporate your children 'presents' in your Christmas ornaments - would love to get more ideas! 


  1. I remember making those things. Can't remember the name.....
    They will look lovely in amongst your other decorations . He will be so pleased that he helped ; )

  2. God's Eyes. Used to make those all the time in camp. That is a sweet idea to use the twigs your toddler has collected for you.

  3. What a sweet way to incorporate baby MiH into your holiday craft making. I'm sure he'll be making these quite adeptly a few Christmases from now!

  4. What a wonderful idea, I love your creations and I love the colour scheme too!