Clouds and Leaves | Le Challenge {Sewing}

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Yes people it is already time for a new le challenge! This month's theme was nature - not too hard to interpret, but also wide enough for everyone to be inspired by it. And I am really happy with my entry, because, finally, I have managed to make something that was on my to-do list. And I LOVE ticking things off to-do lists. 

Although my new shed/sewing room is not completely finished (hence the lack of pictures of it on the blog), it is functional (even has its own little heater for the evenings). I bought a nice, comfortable nearly-designer chair and stole Baby MiH faux sheepskin for it. He does not care much for sheep skins. And all I needed was new cushions ... Et voila!

Of course there is no fancy quilting about them - I could not bear cutting into the pattern. I wanted the whole fabric to be shown. 

I suppose in my mind some fabric are meant for quilting, some are just not. Also I needed to keep it simple because the room is very small and it would have been too fussy to do anything too complicated.

This is my excuse for not even doing a zip on these cushions. 

I went for quick, easy and effective: one big rectangle, fold into 2, sew 3 sides, stuff the cushion and sew the remaining side with your machine. I know total shortcut - but I now have cushions, and a finish (hourray!) rather than agonising about the fact that I have not done anything and that the project is staring at me in the face.  

So to recap:
  • This beautiful fabric is of course from the collection Bark and Branch designed by Eloise Renouf - I bought the fabric here during the pre-sale (yes I knew I just needed to have it)
  • We should not talk about the way I made the cushions as it is shameful, but it works if you have no time but want to revamp your sofa
  • The nearly designer chair is from Ebay
  • The faux sheepskin from Ikea

I will now retreat to enjoy some peace and quiet time in the shed.

So were you inspired by this month's theme? The other entries are over at le challenge, and do join next month for a chance to win a voucher from the Fat Quarter Shop!


  1. I have been eyeing up that fabric too! I think we all take shortcuts sometimes and there is no shame in it, especially as we are all short of time.

  2. The fabric of these pillows is too lovely - it's no wonder you didn't want to cut it! Looking at your photos I can't help thinking to myself that I would redecorate part of my home just so it would match my things. Seems crazy, but it's true!

  3. enjoy your shed! I almost bought this fabric and now I see your lovely cushions I think I will.

  4. I love your new cushions, the prints are gorgeous! And hurray for your faux sheepskin :)

  5. it really is gorgeous fabric and I think making cushions like these is a great way to show it off :)

  6. I'm excited to see the reveal of your sewing shed! I'm sure it's going to be magical! The cushions are really pretty and add a nice contrast in texture and pattern to the sheep skin. Lovely.

  7. They are gorgeous and totally agree it was the right way to showcase that beautiful fabric!

  8. These are beautiful! There really is no need for fancy quilting. They are pretty just like that.

  9. Those look like timeless fabric. Love how they're cushied up against that sheepskin.

  10. I love your cushions :) Some fabrics are just too nice to cut into little pieces!

  11. Those cushions show off the fabric so well! I definitely am a believer in the fact that some times it is just better to get things done and not agonize over the way they "need" be be done. Can't wait to see more of your new space!

  12. I love these!! Funny enough I pinned this exact fabric a few weeks ago. I am not a seer (yet), but I keep telling myself I have to try it!