Shelter yarn, to be excited or not to be? | A WIP {Knitting}

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I finally had the chance to knit Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter yarn. Yes you heard right Jared's own yarn, the same Jared who made me knit Tapenade and the Baby MiH's favourite blanket. It was supposed to be the ultimate connection. Shelter is tweedy, comes in amazing colours, durable and gives a fabulous stitch definition. And of course Jared has designed several knitting patterns for Shelter that are wonderful.

But I am a bit disappointed - and believe me it is really hard for me to tell you this. From the start the yarn was a little splitty. I think this is because of its handspunish quality. I also kept finding bits of organic matter spun right into the yarn so I am spending a bit of time picking that out while I am knitting - and it is a bit strange. I like rustic, but there may something as too rustic.. And it is coarse - this isn't something I'd necessarily want to make a cowl with as it would bother me.  Now, perhaps a good soak in conditioner will help but I haven't done that yet.

It is a bit expensive. It runs GBP 10.50/skein and you only get 128 m (140 yds). You can see that I will need 2 skeins for one beanie hat - when I usually use one. For small projects, the price isn't prohibitive...but if you're looking to make a long-sleeved, cabled cardigan (like Channel), this yarn can get a little expensive.

I had to match a BT pattern to Shelter - if you are going to knit his yarn you may as well knit a pattern he approves right, and pick one of my favourite projects of Wool People 6. 

Pattern: Bough (WP Vol 6) by Leila Raabe
Yarn: Shelter in Soot
Needles: 4mm circular (smaller than recommended as saw comments 
on the pattern knitting big)

What I would say is that it is a wonderful pattern and it will look great in Shelter - I am just hoping it will be comfortable enough to wear, and that there will not be any itchiness.. But you know what, I am glad I am knitting it, and I am still Jared's fan.

So who has knitted with Shelter before? What did you think? Am I being too harsh - and the blocking is going to make it much better? 


  1. It looks lovely, but if it is scratchy I'm not sure I could knit with it, let alone get anyone to wear it. Good luck!

  2. Love the look of the cables, but itchy yarn and moi, don't want to think about it;) Hope it turns out well!

  3. It certainly looks beautiful. When I was in Victoria last, I bought his pattern called Brownstone. I want to make one for each of my boys but seeing they are all men now, I don't think I could afford it : (
    I am going to try to find a compatible yarn....

  4. It's your own opinion. You know what's best for you and baby. I get irritated with splitty yarn.

  5. Awe. Boo. Unfortunately, I've heard a lot of the same complaints about Shelter from other knitters. :-( It's too bad, really. The concept behind it is wonderful.

  6. the phrase suffer for your art sprung to mind but itchy wool isn't great in this day and age, even rustic wool shouldn't be itchy. 35 years ago I used to knit with Shetland wool that was itchy and smelt of sheep when it rained, but times have moved on!

  7. I haven't yet tried Shelter, it is one of those things I want to see in person rather than order online. I do love his patterns and want to love his yarn too but I am not much for splitty rough yarn so it might be a tough sell

  8. I know what you mean about picking things out of yarn - not the nicest of things but it looks nice. Wonder if a good soak will soften it at all.

  9. How unusual that there are bits of organic matter in the yarn! I don't know much about it, to be fair, but I did watch my grandmother do a lot of knitting when I was growing up and I've never heard of anything like that. I do hope it improves!
    PS: Planning to photograph my raspberry beret tomorrow :)

  10. I did wonder about the itch factor of Brooklyn Tweed. I love the look of their patterns, but suspect they are sometimes a case of style over content, although it sounds as if you got a little more content than you bargained for.

  11. I've heard both good things bad bad things about BT yarn. I'd love to try a project with just one skein some time.