Meet Desmond the Dragon | A finish {crochet}

Sunday, 23 February 2014

He is cute, he is green, he is a dragon - let me introduce to Desmond (not my choice). If I am honest, I still cannot believe I have finished it. I do not crochet as much as knit, and thought that might be actually above my skills level. But look, I made him - with my little hands, on my own, no help! And he does actually look like the pattern - I know, amazing!

He is MUCH bigger than the pattern suggested - which may be why Baby MiH is not that keen on him (basically he is a big as he is when baby MiH sits).

In other things I am proud of having made are the eyes (well one of them, the other one is a bit wonky - did you notice the editing of the left eye). I could not find any, and then I thought of that fimo clay I had, 30 minutes in the oven, a bit of clear nail varnish (essential DIY tool) - et voila!

Then there is the clever bit about the spikes, so clever! You make a backbone chain, and then make the spikes! The back of the head is not the easiest of bit, but it is still very clever!

The ears are probably the cutest bits. Again it took me a while to understand - and a lot of Ravelry stalking to make sure I understood what I was supposed to do - I think I managed it ok.

Here is the back, it is a bit wonky, totally my fault - it happened when I pieced together the head to the body..

Pattern: "DIRK" - lalylala crochet pattern N° VI - Dragon, Dinosaur (available here)
Yarn:  Artenaso Definition sock yarn in Crocodile and Drops Karisma in Forest Green
(the white and orange yarn are leftovers from the fox hats, and the fabric from the Botanics collection)
Hook size: 4mm 
Modification: none only mistakes (except the size)
  Filling: Soft toy filling found here

There are many other great patterns by Lydia, I love the afro on Loni the Lion ... which one is your favourite?


  1. Congrats Nat, it’s adorable! I’d love one...

  2. He is cuter than cute! Bravo, you did a great job, I admire you:)

  3. You did a wonderful job with this! That fimo clay eye is genius. Another reason to have some fimo around the home...

  4. OMG! So cute - love, love, love him! You can send him here if baby MiH doesn't fancy him.

  5. So adorable!
    I don't really crochet (beyond the most basic chain stitch) but now I want to!

  6. Nat, I love him!! Very clever with the eyes. :D Baby MiH will appreciate him more when he's grown bigger and Desmond has shrunk.

  7. I LOVE this pattern. I can't crochet past a chain, but I put this in my favorites when it was released and promised myself, I would learn to make it someday! Your version is Fantastic!

  8. This is SO adorable! One of the loveliest toys I've ever seen :)

  9. Adorable! I usually don't like crochet very much, but this is something I would love to make, if only there were still little ones surrounding me...

  10. Desmond is a very cool dragon! Love his eyes :-)

  11. Ah! I am so glad I found this. Thank you for the upclose shot of the ear! That's what's been giving me issues. Now I can see I am on the right track! Love your Dirk! Mine are both going to be for my nephews for Easter. Thinking of making Rita the bunny for my daughter. :)