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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Here are the latest books I read.. It is an interesting mix, a couple of fictions, a self-help book written like a novel and a biography. All fun in their own way.

I saw this book at the library - one week loan, not renewable - and I had to get it and start it then and there. If you are not a fan, I am sure you would find it the most boring book ever. Even for the fan that I am I found it long at times. But it explains suchet's search to be the ultimate Poirot and make you want to watch all of them all over again. No gossip in this book, nothing controversial, just a really interesting point of view on Poirot. He could have made it a bit more controversial though - because I don't think the decision to make all of the Poirots was that simple... 

(Or the shadow thief) is the 11th novel by Marc Levy. It is a little bit less rom com compared to the others (think Just like heaven) but still romantic - with a touch of fantastic - the main character talks to shadows throughout his childhood and his student life. It is an easy read, but I am thinking that he has not talked that much to shadows (considering the title). I read it quite quickly though, it is enjoyable. 

79-year-old Martha dreams of escaping her care home and ribbing a bank. She has no intention of spending the rest of her days in an armchair and is determined to fund her way to a much more exciting lifestyle. Yes, another 'totally realistic' book. I am not sure wether I hate or like it (definitely not loved). I hated the style, it is way too long, there are several chunks that I read diagonally. But I loved the idea that a group of OAPs decide to take the course of their own lives in their  hands and plan how to get out of their current situation. That made me think and realise that you do no have to accept your situation. It received a lot of praise, I found the style annoying me too much.. But would love to know what other readers think! 

'It is the story of a man who is forced to do all the things he has always dreamt of doing secretly. I wanted to show how far a person can go, once he/she is free of fears..' (Laurent Gounelle). I read self-help books but tend not to finish them because they seem to repeat themselves or the concept is so .. Conceptual.. I am not sure what to do with it! Laurent Gounelle uses the format of a novel, it makes it a bit more real - but still in a very unrealistic scenario. Cannot see an English version but it says that his books are translated. 

So what's next? More bonkers books, some waiting for me at the library actually! What are you reading? 

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  1. Interesting mix here. I like how you knocked so many out.
    I'm reading a historical romance about a fiesty young woman who is supporting women's suffrage. New author. It's good so far.