Rouge et Noir Cookies {Recipe}

Thursday, 19 September 2013

YOU HAVE TO TRY THESE COOKIES. Trust me. I had to go to two supermarkets to get some raspberries (is everyone suddenly craving them?), and it was SO worth the extra walk!

These are not dieting cookies, these are yummy-melting-in-your-mouth-I-could-eat-them-all-cookies, which is definitely not dieting friendly. But you know what, I am happy to spend the extra Propoints on them. And what is even better is that they are super easy to make, no complicated baking manoeuvre to impress involved. I even tried to take nice pictures to make you want to bake some, how can you refuse!

You are going to need (I managed 15 big cookies - 6 Pro points by cookies, I may make 20 next time – which would be 4 Pro points!!) :

-125g of slightly salted butter (room temperature)
- 170g of dark brown soft unrefined cane sugar
-190g of plain flour
- 35g of Cocoa powder (I used Cadbury Bournville one)
- 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
- 1 egg
- ½ teaspoon of bicarbonate of sodium
- 100g of dark chocolate roughly chopped (I used Menier dark chocolate at 70%)
- 125g of fresh raspberries
- 2 teaspoons of baking powder

How do you make these?

Preheat your oven at 180°C (fan oven).
Mix the butter, with the sugar, the egg and vanilla extract together. You should get a nice dough. Add the flour, bicarbonate of sodium, baking powder and cacao. Mix well. Add the chocolate and raspberries.
Make cookies from a tablespoonful of mixture and place on lined baking trays. Beware to leave some space as they spread.

Bake for 12 minutes (that is quite important to make sure they stay soft inside). They will still be soft on the inside when you take them out – they will harden on the cooling rack. And they are ready to be eaten, nom nom nom…

So Mr MiH has not had a chance to test them yet, but my carpenter took 4 of them (in one go) and did say they were lovely. Recipe approved as far as I am concerned! Bon appétit!

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  1. They do look completely delicious - I love raspberries and chocolate - a perfect combination!

  2. You go girl! On baking these delicious treats. They look awesome. Very cool how your carpenter grabbed four. Means a lot when a man gives the thumbs up.

  3. Sounds like a winner recipe to me!

  4. They look absolutely yummy! I happen to have raspberries in the freezer from my, it was meant to be!

  5. Thanks for sharing! The recipe if not the cookies ;-)

  6. Just tried these for our Friday night family gathering. Even used home grown raspberries. They were sooooo scrumptious. Thank you so much for the recipe Nat :-)

  7. These look sooooo delicious! I was blog-hopping on my phone (where I don't like to comment from) and had to come back here on my laptop to say I'm most definitely trying this out! Too bad the raspberry picking season here is all gone now. Hopefully I'll find some in the market...

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