Pull Isa - the end {Knitting}

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

It is nearly a finish - the knitting part is finished. It is currently blocking and I will need to weave the ends before I can actually show it to you properly. It does fit now, but it is a bit too tight for comfort for me. I am blocking the confetti stitch will help here. It should do. 

I translated the pattern in 3 parts. You can find the translation of the body part here, and the back and front of the neckline here

So part III:

With your circular needle 5 mm, pick up stitches around the neckline as follows: 60 stitches for the front and 44 stitches for the back (104 for the whole neckline)

Mark the beginning of the row and knit 8 rows rib 1x1, bind off tightly.

Around the armhole,use your circular needles 5 mm, pick up 54 stitches. Mark the beginning of the row, Working 6 cm of confetti stitch and 7 rows of ribbing 1x1, bind off loosely this time.

Be careful with the blocking, the confetti stitch stretches a lot, it is advised to block it flat and weave all the ends. 

I made a lot of modifications in the end. I did not use the raglan sleeves though, I did not think I would finish it. I am very pleased with the result - much more than what I expected. The blocking is definitely going to help as well. I will post about my modifications when I have better pictures to show you!

So day 2 and yes it is another finish! I am doing much better than I expected!

Linking up to Tamis and Ginny's (no reading though, focusing on these finishes) - it is a sort of WIP still.


  1. I don't understand knitting talk but it looks good ;)

  2. Oh Nat it looks great! I can't wait to see it on.

  3. It is lovely Nat. I love the color. You make want to start knitting again.

  4. Your knitting is exquisite. Weren't you just a newbie last year?? Great job

  5. nice pictures :)


    Coline ♡

  6. The stitch pattern is so striking! A good wet block loosens up the fiber a bit. I'm sure it'll be a terrific fit in the end.

  7. I don't knit but it looks like it will be gorgeous.