Blocks {Quilting}

Thursday, 11 July 2013

I soooooo wanted to finish those - because they are in fact the June blocks. I will blame it on my week in France, and not the fact that once I make a set of four, I don't want to see another one for another couple of weeks at least. My May blocks are here.

Although I have to get over that as I really want to make the July blocks.. in July - what an amazing concept!  

The weather has clearly had an influence on my colour schemes. Do you notice such an influence on your work too? And yes, there is some pink - you are not going to see much of it on this blog, so enjoy it! 

The package is going tomorrow, whoohoo! A weight off my shoulders. And on to another finish for tomorrow!! 


  1. It's always good to have a finish!

  2. I love that card! What a great idea to cross stitch one. I believe I Pinned that.
    These blocks look terrific. The fabric is colourful and they all go with one another.

  3. I do love that block and the colours you chose are fab.

  4. I so want to make those xand+ blocks on day, yours look fab!

    The weather /season definitely has an influence on my color schemes,too. At the moment I dig summercolors, babyblues, tones of aqua and a little red and I refuse to think of winterquilts at the moment. No Christmas-in-July for me, thank you!
    The downside is that I just CAN´T finish my winterquilts right now. Good that there are still enough summerquilts that I started last year (or the year ago *oops*) that I can take out now. :-)

  5. Beautiful x and + blocks. I love every one I see

  6. I know this isn't your favourite block but you are making some lovely ones. Heat and warmth definitely influence my colour choices!!