The PJ finish {Dressmaking}

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

One day into my finishing week, and yes there are finishes to be share. Yes, plural, finishes - two of them. And my handmade wardrobe now holds two PJ pants. Why two? They were supposed to be sewed according to the same pattern - one (green) was going to be a wearable muslin, and the second (purple) would have been the 'proper' version (the one that fits). Except that when I first made the green one, it was very tight and I got really annoyed with the shirring bit. I decided to change pattern for the second one, so I had two in the making, but none finished. 

But no more! So two free patterns for you to try. I like them both - one is looking much better than the other one, but it was quite annoying to make. The other one is a simpler pattern (although downloading a pattern and putting it together is hard work I found), simpler construction - but it is not as cute. 

I used:
- Noodlehead shirred voile pajama tutorial (you get to draft your own pattern) - the green one
- Simplicity 9871 pattern available for download here - the blue/purple one. 

That is as much shirring as you will see -
as I am utterly rubbish at it

Both are made in cotton lawn bought at my local John Lewis in Welwyn Garden City. I have not changed anything major to the instructions. 

I was not able to take a good picture of these -
 they remind me of MC Hammer

A finish ticked off! Will be wearing the green one tonight as yes I prefer them and they do look better. Is it worth making your own PJs? I think it is, they are nicer than any pairs I have, they are not too long (an issue with all my PJ pants) and they hold firm whilst still being comfy - amazing! 

I may even make a loungewear Saturday mixing handmade and high street post.

I will probably make the Noodlehead version again. Now that I have the pattern it will be quicker (and lost a bit of weight, it fits!), anyone has a (very) good tutorial for shirring?


  1. Ooh, this is a great idea. I love the fabrics you used, especially the blue one. I might have to try making my own pj pants once the weather warms up. I have the opposite problem to you though - they are always too short for me! At 5'8", it's not like I'm enormously tall either.

  2. I love the fabrics you used. I need to make some for myself. I got a pattern (I think it is simplicity) and have not got around on making them. I made some pjs last Christmas for my niece and nephew and it was quite fun. Yours are just lovely, both of them :)

  3. I LOVE pjs pants and think it should be socially acceptable to wear them down the street, to wrok, shopping and to Church. Well done Nat!

  4. Oh they look great. I am making PJ pants at the retreat can't wait!

  5. Clever you :) They both look good - I had to laugh at your MC Hammer description though!
    Have you got the Washi dress pattern? She gives really good instructions for shiring in there and the pattern is fabulous!

  6. I did have a good laugh at the M C Hammer comment!

    Dana at Made ( has a great shirring tute. I would have to find where it is on her site, but she is great at explaining.

    I have had making PJs on my 'to do' list for ages. I think I will try the Noodlehead pattern. Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Lovely. I made some PJ trousers by using an existing pair as a template and then using some twill tape as a tie.

  8. they look brilliant, perfect for relaxing in.

  9. Really cute pants... I have some pj pants on my someday list too. Love them for winter in MN!

  10. I think handmade pajama pants are terrific. They're comfy and make one cozy and feel happy.

  11. If you want a reminder of MC Hammer, see me in my Sahara pants! Love the PJs and the lawn fabric is gorgeous :)