{DIY} Updated Umbrella Stand

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

When we bought our current house, we redid quite a lot (we only kept the bath tub of the existing house) - and created an entrance. Until now we had ignored the entrance - and casually dumped our coats and bags on the shoe bench. It's been driving me insane bothering for a while, then I had Baby MiH and well it became priority 1000 on our to-do list, until my Mum offered us her old umbrella stand. Then the entrance could have 'entrance' furniture and look like it had a purpose, even a personality! 

I have known that umbrella stand for like - ever. It has been sitting next to the table in my parents' entrance, not really a feature, useful I suppose - but well not exactly my style. But as long as it was in their house and not mine, who cared. My parents redid their whole entrance recently, and suddenly the umbrella stand was up for grabs. Mr MiH rolled his eyes (like a serious rolling) when I said we are taking it with us. The deal was, I was going to update it, and if he did not like it we would get rid of it - as it was free it did not matter. 

To be fair to Mr MiH he came up with the genius idea of using Brasso to make the top of the stand shine - and it made a world of difference as a first step. The second step was spray painting - I believe I did 4 coats in the end (we used masking tape to protect the brass top and the inside). 

And here we are a brand new umbrella stand in our entrance. I love how the flower pattern is still present, and how it looks well ... so different - with so little effort. 

I sent the picture to my Mum - after the new stand was formally approved by Mr MiH of course - and she loves it, thinks that it looks much better than the original - R-E-S-U-L-T. 

You see that cushion covering the shoe bench... well it is starting to really bug me ... I have ideas already, stay tune!


  1. Doesn't it look so very different? R.E.S.U.L.T

  2. Wow, it looks great! So being a renovation expert and all, fancy a trip down under to help me with mine? I offer free babysitting ;o)

  3. Aren't you clever! Much better and isn't Brasso great!

  4. Pretty! I really like how the flowers are more prominent with the white. Love what a little paint will do...

  5. Then the entrance could have 'entrance' furniture and look like it had a purpose, even a personality! travel umbrella