Bookmark {Crochet}

Monday, 22 April 2013

I get quite upset when I have to fold corners in books. Fortunately there is always a supermarket/train/flight ticket available somewhere ... And I suppose this shows that I still believe in books rather than reading ebooks (I cannot do it, I tried, but let's face it, it is not as easy to go to the end and read the end - yes I do that too). 

Anyway to celebrate the fact that I am reading an actual book (be it a children's book - a book is a book), I made myself a fancy new bookmark - which is an ideal last minute present!

The pattern is based on the fan bookmark pattern. I made a few changes and it is easier for me to explain by copying and pasting the original pattern and highlighting my changes. So here it goes (English instructions).. 

Leaving a 10cm thread join make 6 ch and join with a sl st to form a ring.

Fan 1
Row 1. Into loop work: (1dc 2ch) counts as first treble, 13 tr (14 in all) TURN.
Row 2. Work (1dc 2ch) into first treble, work 1ch 1tr into each tr of row 1. (= 14tr and 13 1ch spaces) TURN
Row 3. Working into 1 chain space of row 2, make (1sc, 3ch, sl st in first ch, 1sc) 11 times. (This forms a picot). Into the next (11th space) work 1dc, then 3ch , skip 2 spaces and work 1dc into 2nd ch of first tr post of row 2. TURN. (This completes fan 1)

Fan 2
Row 4. Into 3ch space work (1dc 2ch) counts as first tr, 13tr (14 in all).
Row 5. Work (1dc 2ch) into first tr, work 1ch, 1tr into each tr of row 4. (= 14tr and 13 1ch spaces) TURN
Row 6. (Same as row 3) Working into 1ch space of row 5 make (1sc, 3ch, sl st in first ch, 1sc11 times. (This forms a picot). Into the next (12th space) work 1dc, then 3ch , and work 1dc into 2nd ch of first tr post of previous row. (This completes fan 2) TURN.

Continue in this way until you have made 6 fans (based on the book I am reading).

On last row make a picot in all 13 spaces.

To make the tassel cut a few threads each 20cm long. Fold in half and loop through starting loop. I include the beginning thread with this.

I then spray starch and iron to make stiff.

I used sock yarn, and my favourite crochet hook - the 2mm! I took me about 2 hours (on and off) to make it, perfect last minute present!

And all the time I was thinking of making a bigger - scarf - version of it! There's a thought... 


  1. oh Nat this is so so so pretty!!! I have to admit to folding corners as I can never seem to find a bookmark! The pattern is beautiful and a scarf would just be stunning!

  2. It's lovely, and I totally agree about preferring real books. E-books just don't smell the same!

  3. *That's* a gorgeous bookmark! I don't like reading books on readers. Give me the real thing! Physical books are like little friends, and why would I sink all my money into readers that break and ebooks that get lost too easily? :D

  4. Oh it is beautiful! So pretty, I really want to make one, or a dozen!!

  5. This is such an elegant bookmark! I used to collect bookmarks when I was little and reading constantly. I go back and forth between books and ebooks now.

  6. Lovely book mark. Very fancy indeed. I agree with you, I just can't read e-books. I like to flip through the pages before I start reading a book :)

  7. So glad it's not just me who skips to the end.
    Beautiful bookmark.

  8. That is just about the prettiest bookmark I have ever seen!

  9. Now I'm an e-book fan (and yes, believe me - it's just as easy to skip to the end!) but this is so pretty I'm going to have to give it a go - if my crochet skills are up to it!!

  10. Your bookmark is gorgeous - makes me wish I could crochet. I can see from other comments that fortunately there are still people in the world who love paper books - yay!

  11. As I was scrolling down the instructions I was thinking how lovely it would be as a scarf! Gorgeous!!

  12. It's absolutely beautiful Nat - how clever are you? I can't fold corners either and find it difficult to read a book if the corners are already folded :-/

  13. That bookmark is absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing :)

  14. I told my husabnd last week about not being able to read the last page on an e-book. :-) That's why I still read printed books. Your book sign is lovely. I too use train and flight tickets. Have a good week. Regula

  15. Lovely bookmark! I do have a scarf like this but it is somewhere in a box, a bookmark is better I think.

  16. Nat, I'm really impressed: you always find (and make) the most original creations! This must be the most stylish bookmark I've ener seen...Hope you are enjoying a nice Sunday! Caterina

  17. So pretty! I'm definitely making one - thanks for sharing the pattern!