The cut, the welcomed and the thrifted - Purchases Galore

Monday, 17 September 2012

The Cut

Ever wondered what a pile of 122 charms looked like? I no longer do. Last night I spent a couple of hours making it happen (yes I am a bit slow but at 6 months and a half pregnant - well it was not easy) . I used the Oh Fransson! Charm Sqaures tutorial. My charm pack is now off to the States to take part in the LVSwap! Cannot wait to receive my charm pack back. 

The Welcomed

I won two giveaways recently 9thank you, thank you, thank you) and received fabric and thread! Got this gorgeous fabric for SkyeReve fabrics (the giveaway was hosted by Plum and June). I love the red fabrics - beautiful! 

And finally I will get a chance to try the Aurifil Thread thanks to Freshly Pieced! The orange thread is going to be perfect for the Totally Groovy QAL. Cannot wait! I saw so many raving reviews, I have high expectations. 

The Thrifted

Oh and I have a new addiction - Ebay buying (ok no exactly new new, but I had calmed down for a bit)... This can only get worse with me spending more time at home come November. But look at those how could I let them go?

I got this cross-stitch panel (not exactly sure what it was meant for) - made by hand (yes, someone spent hours on this) for £2.99. It is not even the price of the fabric it is stitched on! Clearly this has been done by an experienced cross-stitcher (look at the back it is spotless). This is probably going to become the cover of a cushion for my new hobby room. Need to clean it first.. 

I bought this Welsh blanket for £3.99. It is in very good condition, thinner than what I expected - but will make a perfect tablecloth for Christmas time. 

And some more fabric - Vintage Liberty (yes there is Vintage AND Liberty in the same name). Probably the size of a fat quarter maybe a bit bigger - £4.90 (well with Liberty and Vintage it was bound to be expensive).. My mother-in-law is quite into Art Nouveau/Art Decor so I am hoping to make something for her using the fabric. 

So here we are I am TOTALLY on my way to de-stash as you can see, making real progress... Mr MiH is not impressed. 


  1. that cross stitch is amazing! It will make a fab cushion!

  2. Love the fabrics you won. I won some fabric from Skye Reve too. I'm stalking the post man so I can get to sewing.

  3. Some great finds there! I actually have some of that liberty well as some others....=D

  4. Looking forward to getting all the low volume charms in the mail!

  5. That cross stitch is amazing!! It'll look gorgeous! I love that Liberty print, so beautiful. Congratulations on your wins too :)

  6. That cross stitch will make a fab cushion!

  7. I love that red and pink herringbone print in your win package. I have it in red, yellow and green... Great ebay finds! Such a steal on those fabrics!

  8. Congrats on your win! Love your LV fabric selections and that cross stitch piece would make a lovely cushion. Beautiful Vintage Liberty print too and can't wait to see what you'll be making with it. =)

  9. I can't wait to see what you do decide to make with that cross stitch! It's gorgeous and I'm glad it found its way to you.

  10. EEEK! such great finds. lucky win, too! and your picks for the low volume swap are great, i can't wait to get mine either! i have big plans :D