Upcycled {Quilt}

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Moving house presented the opportunity to go through Mr MiH's wardrobe. He is really bad at throwing things away, really. I am on the other hand able to get rid of things very easily (except handbags). You can see the tension in the house, Me: 'why are you keeping this, it is broken?'  Him:'I will fix it... one day'. Hmmm. Anyway, I must have rubbed off on him, because he did get rid of some of his shirts (frayed at the collar and cuffs - not a good look). And here came the idea of turning them into a quilt! This is of course a win-win for Mr MiH - he gets rid of shirts, but can still enjoy them (yes, I got more as a result) and I get free fabric. 

I have been longing to get on with log cabin blocks for a long time since I saw Kevin Costner's sofa in a mag.   Upcycled shirts were perfect as I got a lot of different sizes of fabric pieces, but as I only needed strips of it, it did not matter. I did buy some extra shirts and charity shirts (the XXL versions for a pound) and received some donations from family members as well. 

I am really lucky - his shirts are mainly blue or white - with a couple of pink ones (which he was very happy to get rid of). So it was all easy to follow the bi-colour inspiration. I made a rough sketch of what I wanted to achieve and the number of blocks I would need (a bit daunting - may become smaller). 

This quilt is supposed to be a picnic blanket... which may prove useful now that summer is finally upon us in London. I used some Michael Miller fabric with butterflies for the centre of the block which fitted the purpose. 

This is very much work-in-progress. It took for ever to prepare the shirts, cut out the pieces of fabric, wash, iron them and cut each into strips. And then pregnancy sickness stopped any progress. I was really disappointed that only 4 blocks were done (I had 8 in mind). I am hoping to make some more over the weekend, I may actually be using this quilt some time this year! 

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  1. I do love a log cabin block :)

  2. What great blocks! Awesome idea to use the shirts...you should of had your husband cut them up for you =D

  3. Sounds like my hubby when it comes to keeping things. He wants to keep and I want to make room sometimes good and sometimes not good to be this way;)

    Upcycling old shirts fabulous!! I like the freshness look of it and with the butterfly sneaking out---ahhh wonderfully done!

  4. What a genius idea. What about making something like that with baby- clothes, once the little one has grown out of them?

  5. Pregnancy sickness?
    I have missed something here!
    Glad the sickness is over, now comes the best part of the pregnancy (I hope): no more sickness and not a big huge belly yet.
    Love the blocks: your picnic blanket (quilt) will be lovely.
    I made a quilt of some shirts and 1 skirt lately in blue, white (shirts + a bit of a curtain) and red (the skirt).
    have a look

  6. Ohhh I love this. The pattern is gorgeous and what a great way to use up those shirts. It'll be beautiful!

  7. This sounds like a fantastic idea for a quilt! I love all those stripes ...

  8. This is such a great idea! Mr. NJAPD still jokes about the fact that when we moved flat in London, I brought half of his wardrobe at Oxfam...I should have given it to you!