Denim Blue {sewing}

Thursday, 19 July 2012

I love this top, I have worn it many times already. It is the first one I made during my sewing class back in March, and I am glad I still fit in it (admittedly just). It is easy to wear with jeans for 'dress down Friday' at work, or pack it when we go away. The fabric needs to be ironed really, but the bump provides enough stretching for me to deem this task unnecessary.  

Do you know how difficult it is to take outside pictures at the moment, with this weather? Fortunately we spent Bastille Day/weekend in France last weekend, and in Brittany you can  have sun and rain the same day. When we had a moment to ourselves (both sets of parents were there!) Mr MiH took his new camera and we were off to take pictures. The first one is my favourite! 

So less about photographic prowess, and more about the top construction. So the pattern is from La couture nature by Kyoko Sakauchi, a Japanese sewing book in French. The fabric is from M is for Make. It is part of the Essex Linen line of Robert Kaufman (in denim here). The fabric is perfect for this cold-ish weather. I did it in a size M (I am a size 12 in the UK, 40/42 in France). 

When I had the different pieces for the pattern in front of me, there were two things that were clear: 1) there was a problem with the sleeves (and it was not because of my fat arms); 2) I was going to look quite pregnant (I was not at the time) considering the size of main front and back panels. Note to self, do look at the pieces before you cut out the fabric. I added 2 inches for the sleeves, and I think I left the body as it was, but to be adapted at a later stage. 

The pattern itself is quite easy, there are a lot of pictures included like in any other Japanese sewing book - really useful when it came to the gathering of the front and the back panels. Quite an interesting process in the end. The pattern calls for some Vilene to stabilise the top, but I found in the past that the fabric became too stiff. I used some very light weight cotton voile interlining/facing in John Lewis (more expensive but it adds fluidity to the top). 

All in all quite a success, not sure I would have made it without the help of my sewing class. But I think it is probably a case of trying to make these tops or other patterns in the book and learning the process. I am still quite new at sewing garment for myself. But it is sometimes so much quicker than knitting! 

Shame this top will soon be relegated to my pre-pregnancy clothes pile! 


  1. ok I definitely see more of a bump in this picture!! ;)
    The top is beautiful, you'll have to make a preggy version!
    Love the essex linen in denim too, perfect!

  2. What a great looking top! Never thought to use linen to make clothes =D

  3. The only thing I ever managed to sew together was a considering practicing more, but beautiful.

  4. Cute top! I love the look of your blog, so soothing.

  5. Well done Nat! I remember when you told me about the sewing class and I thought it was really great. The top is so cute and I thought it was a piece by Comptoire des Cotonniers...