Olympics 2012 {cross-stitch}

Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Olympics are finally here, and in London! This is very exciting - even though for me who is more a Winter Olympics fan. Mr MiH however is a definite Summer Olympics fan - he will even be going to see some athletics finals for his birthday - whilst I will be getting on with my own Olympics challenge - a cross stitch one - in the comfort of my sofa. 

For this project, I needed something portable that I could easily stop and pick up - and that would not make too much noise (Mr MiH likes to hear all the comments). I bought the cross-stitch pattern in France on our last skiing holiday (you can find the full picture and pattern here). I will be using some linen cross-stitch fabric (32 count) - to make that little bit harder. 

I will also make some modifications: I will change the hearts for baubles and change the colour scheme (nearly all of the pattern in black except for the birds that will be cross-stitched in orange and blue with brown beaks). The pattern is an intermediate one but should be quite forgiving (all important when I am focusing on two tasks). I have already started - prep work during the Opening Ceremony, and the first tree started during the first events. 

I have a feeling that with the baby kicking for the first time for his Dad during the Olympics Opening Ceremony, that I am going to be doing much more sport watching in the future - Mr MiH reckons the baby is a future sportsman, purely on the basis of the kicking. Hmmm... But just in case, this is an opportunity to assess whether cross-stitch is a viable option for sport watching. 


  1. Great looking start to the cross-stitch. The baby could possibly be a dancer too! =D

  2. hey!:) ya cherie you right i think it's very dangerous
    ski holiday france

  3. Nice start and love the idea of the modifications, cool! Yeah for baby kicks :)

  4. This will be stunning.
    Every baby kicks (well, nearly every) and so many couch potatoes were made/born the last 50-ish years!
    Is it in his/her genes?

  5. I've never done any cross-stitching before, but I think you may have stumbled on the perfect olympics companion activity! Every day I think to myself, seriously, you are spending waaay too many hours glued to the tv, but then there's no way I could tear myself away and miss diving, or gymnastics, right? It sure would be good to have something to work on while I'm watching, so I can at least pretend to be productive while the hours slip by.


  6. That embroidery pattern is beautiful! How do you count on that linen?!? I am impressed (and I've done lots of cross stitching).

  7. Ohmygosh, that pattern is amazing! I can't wait to see how yours progresses.