Elkeland Inspiration

Thursday, 3 March 2016

This wall hanging is the collaboration between the beautiful Elkeland Studio and Ferm Living. It is elegant but reassuringly woolen and snuggly. It is eye catching, and one way of using yarn as an art form. 

Because I am crafter, I was wondering whether I could make a similar wall hanging, that could be ethical and be adapted to our house (slightly bigger maybe, with different colours). I have found many DIY that could get me there, but not one that replicate this wall hanging, although I reckon that with this one, with the layering look of this one, and the structure of this one - we could be there. I do also like the Merrythought one (the addition of beads!) and this multicoloured version. As for the yarn, for an ethical (but expensive) merino yarn you can go here

So are you inspired to buy a wall hanging and make your?

* Beautiful styling by Susanna Vento for Sato apartments. 


  1. very cool wall hanging! You could totally make that, it looks really simple, although finding the right sort of roving might be the challenge.

  2. What a lovely idea! It looks perfectly doable. Thanks for the inspiration.. I have to go stash-diving soon to find yarn for it...