Building new memories (and ski school story) :: in Briancon ::

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend - and Mothers Day if you are in the UK! I love going through my holiday pictures. I have great plans for them - as always, and hope to find the time to make it happen. However I have not taken my camera out as much as I had hoped, it is sometimes so easy to rely on my phone. My plans do not require big size pictures so I should be able to get away as far as quality is concerned, but it is not great for posting on my blog. 

So instead of getting a lot of pictures of Baby MiH skiing, here are some pictures of Briancon, the main town near our resort. We went there the worst day of the week - mainly because Mr MiH had a bad fall and there was no point in risking another fall due to poor visibility. And as Baby MiH was having a ski school crisis, retail therapy was very much needed that afternoon. Unfortunately the one yarn/craft shop was not yet opened for business (didn't they know I was in town) - it is selling mainly cross-stitching and I could have done with a new cross-stitching project. I have not followed a grid for a long time. 

Being on holiday was great fun of course. But we are really happy to be back, near Leo of course. Baby MiH is happiest at home, he cannot wait to go back to nursery. He was not really happy at ski school (he chose the ESF one) - nothing to do with the skiing, and everything to do with the social aspect of it. He is missing his friends, and did not manage to make friends in his group. Last year, it was a much smaller group (4 of them) and he loved going there. It is a shame. We took him out one day, we left him the following day - and went undercover to check out on him every half hour. I know - don't judge, I cannot handle tears. In fact I was not allowed to drop him off, Mr MiH did it. 

As you can imagine I went through French ski school, and I can ski well. However I would say that French ski school is a bit harsh sometimes. We only left Baby MiH for 2 hours and a half and then my parents were looking after him, or we would ski with him a bit. I am a bit annoyed that he still cannot slow down or stop - it is his second year of ski school, and this is a pretty key skill to acquire. I will be working on it over this year at our nearest snow dome. 

I like the idea of him mixing with other French kids, and learn skiing in French. I cannot teach him in English. But I don't want him to resent being with other French kids. It is a fine line to strike with bilingual kids - he is French and yet he is not at the same time (ie he is not in a French system). We will carry on going to Serre-Chevalier, mainly because our babysitters in chief (aka my parents) go there, but I might try to look for ski schools with smaller groups - where I think Baby MiH will thrive better. 

Have you got any tips for me for taking bilingual children on holiday?

There will be other pictures of skiing as I wore my Fidra every day out there, and managed to get Mr MiH to stop and take some pics. 


  1. I'm glad you and the crew had QT in such a beautiful place. Your paragraph about who could take your son to ski school made me laugh. I'm sorry Baby MiH didn't have a good time. When I used to go snowboarding in my 20's I would always see the little kids in ski school and it was always a cute sight to behold. I remember the constant advice, "Make the pizza!" Maybe you can try to go with friends who have kids the same age as Baby MiH and they can take a private lesson together?

  2. It looks magical! Sorry to hear that Baby MiH wasn't enjoying his classes though. I'm very new to the bi-cultural children thing, so I cannot give any tips. But I am beginning to feel the stress of it... L will always be the "Finnish one" in Singapore and the "Asian one" in Finland. I can only aim and hope to teach him to embrace both, rather than feel like he belongs to neither.