Craft Hobby + Stitch International

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Happy Tuesday everyone! Lucy and I went to the CHSI 2016! Whohoo! We were press apparently.. OK, I just got an invite because Lucy sneaked me in. And I loved it. You have to excuse the quality of the pictures though- it was so dark that most of my pictures came out too dark - some not to be rescued even after some heavy editing. I managed to actually meet people I have emailed loads like Justine and Lisa, stalked on IG like Karen and Jeni ... Loads of inspiration and renewed interest in new crafting on the blog (some inspiration was definitely with Baby MiH's in mind). 

It was a great - also it was a trade show and there was no chance to buy stuff (yes this is a good thing) - keeping my stash as it is. I do have a couple of ethical fibre to check out though. Cannot wait. 

And there was so much scrapbooking material - this is not a craft I am interested in, so I was amazed so much was actually available. I do have a scrapbook inspiration book - I will share soon here - but it is not what was being sold there. I am just wondering whether I should be interested in it, or why I am not when so many people find it addictive. Have you tried scrapbooking before?

Anyhow, the best thing was to spend some time with Lucy - and also for her to bring the #therearenowordsquilt. I will post about them later this week, and all the letters I received from quilters all over the world. It is beautiful. So much love went into them. Yes, we both had a cry - and nearly missed our trains back home!  


  1. It was a very close call!! I loved spending the day with you. That monster picture is brilliant and I'm nearly as scary! ;)

  2. Glad you two got together again and especially that Lucy was able to hand the quilts over to you in person Nat. Sending you so much love x

  3. Looks like it was a day full of inspiration Nat! And fun too to catch up with Lucy! Prayers and thoughts for you....

  4. What a fun place. I love the shot of the yummy yarn all lined up on the shelves.

  5. Looks like it was very fun and inspiring! I'm not big on scrapbooking, but i have never tried it- I want to say it looks like an expensive hobby, bu then so is knitting!