Friday Randomly Sharing

Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to FRS where I share what has caught my eye recently - but where you could also share what has interested you - so please make full use of the comment box!

- I am late.. very late.. already 5 days late for one of my friends birthday. And she is not about to get her present unfortunately, but at least I have started. It involves the above grey felt and my naturally dyed yarn. Hopefully next week ... or she may not understand it was meant for her birthday. 

- I saw the picture of the Stories from Snoqualmie Valley Shawl on Arrow Acres Farm, where a possible KAL is discussed. I love this shawl - I don't have the time for a KAL, but this has gone straight into my Ravelry favourite list. 

- I read this article from Peaceful Dumpling on searching her life's purpose. And I knew exactly what she meant. My life purpose seems to change day by day, maybe hour by hour - and maybe I am just a multi-purpose kind-of-girl. After all I am a mother, a wife, a employee, a crafter etc. And all of these things make my life - just not sure whether it is all supposed to be in my purpose... 

- Through Buckaloo View I found this neat free pattern for mittens - so so cute, I may knit myself a pair.

- I am really into wall hanging at the moment - and this easy wall hanging DIY is totally up my street (very Ferm Living). 

- I always looking at more affordable way to buy clothes ethically, and this article (in French but you can know the sites) references some of the 'greener' corners of the usual clothing websites. Worth another check. 

- I discovered Clairette - such a wearable piece for Spring, it went straight to my Raverly favourite (yep another knitting project). 

- I really want to get sewing again, and it is not happening. I just stumble across Tilly's 5 steps to kick-start your sewing mojo - it might be just the post to help!

- I love reading about vintage designers that I have not heard of, but really like the style of - thanks to Kate, I discovered Alberto Fabiani - and I am already a fan. 


  1. I really appreciate this feature! And thank you for mentioning Fabiani!

  2. The mitts are cute. Thanks for the link ; ) hope you get some knitting time in

  3. The shawl you're knitting for your friend is beautiful! It seems you have some lovely projects on your knitting radar at the moment. I sometimes cycle between sewing and knitting as my predominant craft. Last year, I did far more sewing and less knitting than in previous years, but now that it's cold here, I can't get enough yarn.