Friday Randomly Sharing

Friday, 6 November 2015

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to FRS where I share what has caught my eye recently - but where you could also share what has interested you - so please make full use of the comment box!

- More and more projects are being finished, and thanks to the lovely weather here in Britain (couldn't it get more grey, seriously?) no pictures have been taken. All I am left with is starting a new project. I will test knit Pokiha for Libby - and at the same time test knit Blacker Yarns (from the pictures) so expect reviews soon. 

- I am sure a lot of you have, like me, either favourited or knitted color affection by Veera Valimaki. I have not knitted it yet, and I am glad, because there is a cool modification that is going round - the color-block-affection. I really like it knitted in this colour palette. I may have a new yarn crash - Madeline Tosh Merino in Moden Fair Isle.

- Apple Cider Sangria, anyone? I reckon it is the perfect transition to mulled wine - and it is vegan, so all fine right!?  

- I have not subscribed yet but I love the look and feel of 6 bits storybooks. I have a few magazines (and back issues) waiting to be read, but a girl cannot have too much reading outstanding. Anyone has subscribed yet?  

- It is always interesting to read sewing tips - some tool basics that are worth keeping in mind. 

- The new Pompom Magazine is out. Julie's review is here

- I love the idea of these Bento project bags. I may be looking at making one for myself - who's up for a DIY? 

- I just came across Nomads Clothing - an ethical clothing brand. It is not necessarily my style, but there are a couple of plain tunics that I quite like, and this blouse may have my name on it!

- I have been looking for a tank top pattern for my naturally dyed fabric. I was seriously considering the Wiksten pattern, but now we have a new contender - the Kate Top pattern by Tessuti Fabrics. It comes in two versions, I am tempted...

- Oh I am swooning all right - this knittng pattern will be in pre-order next week. How much knitting can I get done per day?  

- Women empowerment is something I am passionate about. So pleased to have in my feed an article about feminists to be inspired byAung San Suu Kyi is definitely one of my favourite feminist. Who inspires you? 


  1. Your new Swoon pattern is lovely. I like the subtlety of the design. I look forward to seeing yours... And Nat, YOU are my inspiration. Susan x

  2. The colour block affection is so awesome, and what a fabulous mod! I'll have to get in touch with her. Love your links (um, apple cider sangria sounds amazing!) and the swoon sweater is stunning. Thanks so much for the shout out for the Pom pom review, too! <3

  3. I'm always eyeing colorwork yoke patterns. I can't wait for its reveal. Those bento project bags are so cute and look easy enough for me, a total newbie to sewing. And I like of like that color-blocked version of Color Affection. I used to be hooked on that pattern but after a while wasn't such a fan that I wanted to trade it for something else which I know won't happen so it just sits there in my library unused.

  4. The Bento bags look so cute! I adore your picture, it just so perfectly sums up the current weather and season (which I love!) x

  5. Ah I can actively contribute this week !! I have knitted with Madeleine Tosh wool
    . I knitted a pair of socks and loved the soft tweed effect . Is there seriously a Pom Pom magazine ?

  6. Ah ..... Just checked out the Pom Pom magazine , very interesting !

  7. yes been seeing a lot of these new color affection, I might give in to it soon; looks so big and comfy for the winter to come!

  8. The test knit looks promising... That yarn is gorgeous! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  9. I love the look of the Bento bags. I have a whole pile of old shirts waiting to be a quilt, but this looks like it would be a good use for a few of them.