Friday Randomly Sharing

Friday, 23 October 2015

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to FRS where I share what has caught my eye recently - but where you could also share what has interested you - so please make full use of the comment box!

- I have finally managed to naturally dye some organic cotton I had in my stash - I used Rebecca's dyeing with avocado skins tutorial. It takes a while, but totally worth the effort. I am not sure what I will make out of my new fabric, but whatever it will be I cannot wait to wear it with my new hand-knitted cardigan

- Pauline released her new pattern - the Rosari skirt - I love how she is always bang on trend. I want a jeans version of this skirt - and in fact I already have the fabric in my stash for it. Maybe I will even wear a skirt, and not just make one for my wardrobe. That would be quite something. 

- I discovered Clemence - or Huguette Paillettes on instagram - she posts free tutorials/patterns. It seems that the Germaine Cardigan will become a French blogger must have. It is a free pattern, so I may have a go. 

- I may just have to read this book about courage and the next steps. I may not be ready for any of this yet, but hopefully in time I will. 

- Liesl is going to do a shop update on  October 30, and the natural colour she produced out of walnuts is unbelievable.

- The versions of the Mesa quilt makes me want Quilting from every angle even more. I love Nancy's style. It may get me back into quilting as well. Has anyone got the book? 

- Grainline Studio and the Tamarack jacket - I have wanted to make a jeans quilted jacket for a while. It might be it (with a few modifications here and there). Love that it is collarless!

- Erin sewed a top called Natalie- well I just had to check it out - how fun would it be to sew a top with my name on it. It is a bit too similar to the  Weekend Gateaway blouse - that I should have finished by now but is not. Still a nice top with a great name!

- I love the Aoraki hat - I have not bought the pattern yet, but for sure I will knit myself one this year - probably in that colour with that pompom - OMG, have you seen the pompom? 


  1. I love the Aoraki hat too, would be perfect for me to watch rugby in. Beats the hat bought off the man with the stand outside Chelsea football ground that I usually wear. I love the soft colour of your hand dyed fabric

  2. Quilting from Every Angle has caught my eye too - every quilt in it looks amazing. I have also been looking longingly at this pattern: I am hoping my Mum will knit it for me! Thanks for sharing Nat. Hugs to you xx

  3. I love that dusty pink! Looks like it will go really well with that knitting, too.