Neat and Tidy

Monday, 2 February 2015

Many patterns that I am working from are hard copies rather than in pdf format. It is quicker to work from, but pdf are easier to adapt to new sizes (if somenone was intending to lose weight and be slimmer for instance). To keep my pieces together in one place I use kraft envelopes that are usually the size of indie patterns, and can hold the pieces as well as instructions. I bought mine here

How do you make sure your patterns do not get damaged and make sure you can find them easily? 


  1. I have recently started sewing more and have been searching for a good solution to keep all of the pattern pieces together... this seems like a great one. Thanks for the tip.

  2. My sewing patterns are in an envelope in a drawer, my knitting ones are rather badly treated shoved in with my yarn stash!

  3. Those craft envelopes are eye candy. What a smart way to preserve your patterns. I bought a binder for my hardcopy, knitting patterns, but it's sadly neglected on the rug shoved up next to the nightstand. I do have square, fabric bins fill of my knitting and crochet books and patterns.