Wooden Snowflakes | Christmas 2014

Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas is nearly here - and I am making the final elements to our decorations (during afternoon naptimes, so it has to be quick projects) - thanks to easy tutorials found on Pinterest. I will put everything up on Saturday night, so that when Baby MiH wakes up on Sunday (for his birthday) it is Christmas! Yes my boys will have to love Christmas as much as I do, 

This last project is one I was really keen on making when I pinned this picture a wee while ago. Unfortunately I did not have enough big wooden beads to make a massive snowflake - maybe another year - but I do have small ones to make ornaments the size of my straw ones. 

You will need 48 beads - which is quite a lot for a big snowflake. The original tutorial can be found here, but I worked it out from the below diagram really, It took me half an hour per snowflake, some thread and a needle (because my beads are so small) - et voilà, two more ornaments. 

I was not sure how to use these small beads so I am very pleased they have become such beautiful ornaments that compliment my colour scheme. 

Only 12 days to Christmas!! We are off to France - we managed to get Little Baby MiH his passport on time! So it is going to be very exciting to have 4 generations around the table. Cannot wait!


  1. These are wonderful! I bookedmarked this post so I can make some!!! Joyeux Noel - have a fabulous time with your family xx.

  2. How beautiful! Your crafts always impress me so much, Nat - I need to actually get more creative and start trying some of them :) Joyeux Noel !

  3. These beaded stars are really cool. It's so awesome how you can pop over to France.

  4. Happy birthday to Big Brother MIH for Sunday. All December birthdays in our house. Your creativity is great at a time when you are probably exhausted.

  5. They look beautiful. I remember have these in the Christmas tree when I was a child.

  6. They look so pretty but easy enough to manage. I hope I have time to give it a go. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Love your snowflakes, a very nice idea!!