Handmade Wrapping Paper | Le Challenge {Ink}

Sunday, 14 December 2014

I am very surprised that I have anything to show you for this le challenge. It is a very quick project - which seems to be a theme on this blog at the moment, but still a useful project. My Mum's Christmas present requires a big box - I had a box that was perfect but it did not look Christmas-y, so what to do... Get some Christmas stamps, kraft paper, silver ink - and stamp, stamp, stamp... And then cover the box. Easy, peasy - and pretty special. 

I used:

- some kraft paper (bought at WH Smith)
- Some stamps bought from the English stamp company
- ink (ColorBox Ink Pad)

I did make this an activity with Baby MiH (although his final paper did not make it on the box)- he did enjoy it, for half an hour or so. But then moved on to licking the stamp.. not ideal. However the ink pad I used washes very easily from toddler fingers and surfaces - which is great news! 

I wanted to show you the box full of my Mum's Christmas present, but I did not manage to finish it. And now that she is here for the weekend, I may not be able to progress much with it. I will try to share it later. 

For all the other 'ink' projects, head to le challenge - and if you enter a project (big or small), you get a chance to win a $25 voucher at the Fat Quarter Shop! 


  1. a great entry Natalie. One year i was "given" half a dozen white boxes. I stamped them all and tied them up with big ribbon. My sister loved it, my non crafty friend smiled politely and just looked!

  2. Looks brilliant and sounds like Baby MIH enjoyed himself too....now I want to know what's inside!!

  3. It looks so beautiful! Nice stamp and glad baby MiH had fun too!

  4. This looks fun and great. I've always wanted to do that, but I'm too cheap to buy all that brown paper for Christmas wrap.