Halloween T-shirt | A finish {Sewing and Cross-Stitching}

Friday, 31 October 2014


Halloween is a bit weird for me - we never celebrated it at my house when I was younger, so I don't feel that much attachment to it. Of course, this is all going to change now that I have children - and in fact it has changed in France too - everyone is dressing up now! 

This is my excuse for not making a full pumpkin outfit for Baby MiH - but going for something a bit more stylish (that he will be able to wear again). To be fair, this is the only year I will be able to do this, I am sure that next year he will be asking me for an outfit. He is already asking me for specific shoe colours (that we don't have, of course!)

Back to this project, I have spent all day yesterday making it the T-shirt and the cross-stitching. The T-shirt was quite quick to put together - the cross-stitching was a real time waster, but that is because I went for a much bigger pattern than I expected (I wanted a 'happy' ghost...). 

About the patterns: 

- The Tshirt pattern is Api by Blousette Rose. It is in French BUT with 4 pieces to sew together (and in fact a lack of precise instructions) I don't think you can really get it wrong. I made the pattern in the smallest size (2 yrs) which works perfectly for my 22 months-old. The jersey fabric is organic - and this is why I made one - from Ray-Stitch, and it is on sale! It is really easy to work with. 

- The Halloween cross-stitching patterns are from my Pinterest embroidery board. I used a cream thread rather than white to make it just a bit more ghostly. I used the waste canvas method to add the cross-stitching (I am a fan, cannot stop cross-stitching everything!). 

I am very pleased with the result - even though it meant cutting some sleep time last night (I did not IG at 2 in the morning when it was finished as I thought it might be a bit sad). Baby MiH was happy to wear it, which is always a good sign. I did not have that much luck with his ghost mask, oh well... He is off to nursery now, and there should be some snaps of him with all his little friends. 

So I managed to make a cute outfit - in one day - that did not scare Baby MiH (he has now understood the concept of fear...)! I can now relax!

Hope you are all having a great Halloween! 

Christmas posts will resume as of next week... 


  1. Utterly adorable and I love the spooky ghost!

  2. A very cute happy ghost, I love the touch of colour in his cheeks. I bet you were relieved that baby MIH was happy to wear it!

  3. Cute outcome. That canvas method is so cool.

  4. Yes, very cute! And a great idea - an embroidered graphic tee... what a modern twist on a traditional craft!

  5. so sweet and I love how the ghost is creeping peeping up! I miss having little ones around :)

  6. Oh my gosh, adorable! What a great idea!