Autumn Leaves | A finish {Knitting}

Saturday, 25 October 2014

If you follow me on IG you know that I actually finished Slable  a week ago - and that the pictures were taken on our weekend away in Norfolk (the last one as a family of 3!). It was all scheduled that way - I was hoping to snap some autumnal scenes as well as the beanie hat - because that colour kept reminding me of Autumn leaves. Not that I knew what to expect when I started with the natural dyeing kit - and in fact I had no idea what the result would look like, but it totally exceeded my expectations. 

I did not change anything to the beanie hat pattern - this is my second beanie hat from Twisted Woolly Toppers (I made Acorn for Baby MiH - one of my favourites). I wanted something with texture yet simple that would show off the yarn colour. The combination of moss stitch and cables certainly did that. I think a real revelation of the pattern was the cast on method used - the alternative cable cast on. Woolly Wormhead did a great tutorial here, so you could use it for your future beanie hats too (it may work better for thinner yarn though). 

Pattern: Slable by Woolly Wormhead (available here)
Yarn: Hand dyed fingering weight yarn (naturally dyed in fact) - by me. 
I talked about the kit I used here
Needles: as recommended by the pattern
Size: Size 2
Modifications: None
Result: I love how it shows the variegated yarn and also the intricate cable work. 
It is slouchier - slouchier than I expected. 

As you can see it is really hard to capture the actual colour of the yarn - but hopefully between the leaves and mushrooms and the different snaps - you get the general idea. 

All I can say is that if you are thinking of trying natural dyeing - do it, I don't think you will regret it. I like it so much that in fact I have another yarn being dyed as we speak. I have not found a project for it yet, so I am leaving it to be. 


  1. This is just the perfect hat on you - I love all of the different colours in the yarn!

  2. So so pretty and great fall photos

  3. That first shot is perfecto! The colorway is such a cool result from the natural dyeing.

  4. Your hand dying worked so well. My one attempt years ago ended up sludge coloured !

  5. Looks lovely and in the close up shot you can really see the colour variation.

  6. Lovely knit and your photos are stunning.

  7. You took the hat out in its natural habitat!

  8. Really, really pretty!

  9. Such a beautiful hat Nat. I love the color variations you achieved with the natural dye.

  10. Your pictures are so lovely! Looks like perfect time of the year :)