Toddler Pompom Beanie Hat | A free pattern {Knitting}

Monday, 29 September 2014

The new beanie hat season has officially started, whoohoo! And Baby MiH is the first one to have a new hat - mine is being knitted at the moment. Not sure he feels lucky however, I have managed to take 3 pictures of him, but it has not been easy. I guess he does not feel that it is cold enough for a hat. But he looks so cute in it, so I keep trying to put it on. The inspiration for this pattern was this picture - just a bit less slouchier. 

It is a really quick knit - knitted with yarn from stash, and unfortunately this means that I don't have the exact names of the yarn, so the yarns I mention are probably the right ones but I cannot be 100% sure. 

Pattern: below
Knitting needles: 4.5 mm (circular and DPNs)
Yarns: for the body: Silver Grey Cascade 220 (3/4 of a skein)
and a merino tencel hand dyed lace yarn in Slate (from here)
for the pompom: I used Cascade Pure Alpaca Paints (1/4 skein)
Size: to fit a toddler (Baby MiH is a big 21 months-old, 
and it is easily going to last him until next year)

Here is the pattern I drafted (let me know if you spot any mistakes)
  • CO 90 stitches , I use the German cast on for hats
  • you start with ribbing on 10 rows  (Ktbl1, P1) 
  • knit in moss stitch for 45 rows 
  • decrease starts with (k2tog,k) row (60 stitches left)
  • purl row
  • decrease with a (k2tog) row (30 stitches left) - probably time to move to DPNs 
  • purl row
  • decrease with a (k2tog) row (15 stitches left)
  • purl row
  • decrease with a (k2tog,k1) row (10 stitches left)
  • purl row
  • decrease with a (k2tog) row (5 stitches left)
  • bind off in your usual way. 

Make a pompom to the size you want. 

I did not block it, but I guess you can do it, and you may actually achieve more slouch-iness, you could also have a bigger pompom (but I was really worried that Baby MiH would keep pulling at it - he is already quite taken by the pompom as it is). 

It is a really simple beanie hat, but as I love moss stitch, this is one of my favourite ones. As always let me know if you make one using the pattern, I would love to know! 


  1. Gorgeous little guy and cute hat too! Love that bit of slouchiness!

  2. I just went through my knits and I need hats and mitts. Yep. Love your hat and the pom pom makes the hat!! Beautiful little model you have there as well :)

  3. Adorable pictures :) I always found it difficult to get Z to wear wooly hats in England as he would either pull them off or complain they were hot or itchy - and he always looked so cute!!

  4. moss stitch is my favourite stitch, the hat is adorable, as is baby mih

  5. It's beautiful! And so is your model. He looks so much like you!

  6. I so want this hat! How'd you make the pom pom thick?

  7. And oh, I just wanna cares that precious, handsome cheek.

  8. This is so sweet! Baby MIH is ADORABLE!

  9. I made this, but found it much too large for my 15 month old's would I decrease it? I love the way the hat turned out, just not the size.

  10. How tall was the hat before you started reducing the stitches? Thanks!

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