My September here and elsewhere

Tuesday 30 September 2014

I have not done one of these reviews for a while - but I hope to make them more regularly. So here is what caught my eye, or has suddenly arrived in my house this month. 

- Thanks to Libby, I have finally understood the point of Podcast (I have never really been into them) - well at least one in particular, the weekly podcast by Tara Swiger #exploreyourenthusiasm. The last one is so inspirational. I usually listen to it whilst writing a boring report for work. It is free, and it is amazing, check it out. 

- I have always been interested in 60s/70s design, and we added to our little home collection this week - thanks to Ebay - with this Stig Lindberg fruit bowl that sits in the middle of our kitchen island. I never thought a fruit bowl could make me so happy. 

- I am not sure whether any of you submitted a tutorial to craftgawker - basically a site full of free tutoriasl. I found the process of submitting quite difficult if I am honest. You need your pictures to be perfect, think about the composition , light etc. It is of course a great way to test your photographic skills, but it can be really depressing when a project keeps being rejected, not because of the quality of the tutorial but because of the picture (it has happen a lot in the past to me) - check out this other blogger experience. Two of my projects made it through this month, whoohoo, the embroidered felt boxy pouch and the toddler beanie hat. One of the tutorials have been referred on another blog today - amazing stuff. 

- I love these geometric ceramics 

- Twelve free cool fonts, yes please. 

- This version of the Brigitte Tee has totally inspired me, I can probably alter it to make it into a pregnancy top, using this tutorial

- I found a new ethical fabric shop, the Offset Warehouse, and bought some fabric from them that has already made into a top, but more on this in October. Here is a sneak peek. 

- I have made a couple of minor changes to the editing of blog - so you can now pin easily all my pictures - I used this tutorial to make it happen - and made my pictures appear the same width but retain proportions - tutorial here.

- Finally I am starting my Le Challenge project, and I have 'lion' on my mind... 


  1. Fun post! Love your fruit bowl! Lion?! Mmmmm? Xx

  2. Great roundup. I have had exactly the same response from Craftgawker in the past, and promptly gave up!

  3. yay! I'm glad you found Tara - she's lovely heh? I'm going to have to have a go at your pinterest thingy - I need that!

  4. everytime I think I have mastered the current thing, there is a new thing to check out - craftgawker? I am away to have a gawk

  5. Nice bowl find. I need to get some ceramic serving dishes for when we entertain.

  6. Great finds, I'm going to check out that podcast too! I have run out of of creative/inspiring lectures on TED :) Love that fruitbowl...